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* Copyright (c) 2015-2018 Contributors to the Eclipse Foundation
* See the NOTICE file(s) distributed with this work for additional
* information regarding copyright ownership.
* This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the
* terms of the Eclipse Public License v. 2.0 which is available at
* SPDX-License-Identifier: EPL-2.0
plugins {
id "" version "3.2.0"
id 'maven-publish'
id 'java-library'
version '0.7.4'
description = 'Downloads openATFX and publishes it to the local maven repository'
dependencies {
compile 'org.slf4j:jcl-over-slf4j:1.7.25'
compile 'org.slf4j:log4j-over-slf4j:1.7.25'
compile 'org.codehaus.woodstox:woodstox-core-asl:4.4.1'
// actually we just need the org.asam.ods.* classes
compile "org.eclipse.mdm:org.eclipse.mdm.api.odsadapter:${version}"
testCompile 'org.apache.commons:commons-math:2.2'
task downloadOpenATFX(type: Download) {
acceptAnyCertificate true
overwrite false
// use mirror subdomain of '${version}'
// because gradle has problems establishing a ssl connection with sourceforge directly
src "${version}"
dest file("${buildDir}/openatfx-${version}")
outputs.file dest
task unzipOpenATFX(dependsOn: downloadOpenATFX, type: Copy) {
from zipTree(downloadOpenATFX.dest)
into buildDir
outputs.dir file("${buildDir}/openatfx-${version}")
task copySource(dependsOn: unzipOpenATFX, type: Copy) {
from file("${buildDir}/openatfx-${version}/src")
into 'src'
compileJava.dependsOn copySource
* Some tests in openATFX throw NPEs when executed with the ODS Corba classes generated
* by SunORB. The issue occurs, if an attribute is left uninitialized and then serialized.
tasks.withType(Test) {enabled = false}