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<a name="DeclareStatement"></a>
<span class="bold"><strong>
<code class="code">DeclareStatement</code>
<p>A DeclareStatement declares a variable and initial value.</p>
<code class="code">check var name : type := expression;</code>
<code class="code">type</code> or
<code class="code">expression</code> but not both may be omitted. An omitted type is deduced from the initial expression values.
<code class="code">check</code> may be omitted when the expression type is necessarily conformant.
<a class="link" href="VariableStatement.html" title="VariableStatement">
<code class="code">VariableStatement</code>
<a class="link" href="ObservableStatement.html" title="ObservableStatement">
<code class="code">ObservableStatement</code>
<span class="bold"><strong>Attributes</strong></span>
<code class="code">isCheck : Boolean[?]</code>
<p>True if the initial expression&rsquo;s type must be checked for conformance with the variable&rsquo;s type.
A non-conforming vlaue is a predicate failure causing the mapping to fail without doing anything.
This is a derivation of not ownedInit.type.conformsTo(self.type).</p>
<span class="bold"><strong>Associations</strong></span>
<code class="code">ownedExpression : OCLExpression[1]</code>
<p>The expression computing the variable&rsquo;s value.</p>