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<title>QVT Model Changes</title>
<h1>QVT Model Changes</h1>
<h3>OMG Issue 9380 (10-Jun-2008)</h3>
QVTBase::Domain.typedModel lower bound changed to 0.
QVTRelation::RelationDomain.pattern lower bound changed to 0.
<h2>Second contribution to QVT Declarative, QVT OML (6-Jun-2008)</h2>
Numerous minor changes such as ordered for unit multiplicity properties.
Unnavigable opposite role names modelled using comments/annotations.
Removal of a dead QVTCore experiment.
<br>org.eclipse.qvt plug-in added.
JUnit synchronisation of Eclipse/OMG, EMOF, Ecore and Rose models.
XXXCompliance.html available in each EMOF model plug-in.
10 OMG issues raised as a result of that synchronisation.
<h2>First contribution to QVT Declarative (27-May-2008)</h2>
Original importer variant with support for ordered constraints.