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Java Composition bundles propose a weaving representation between Java elements from a [../../../ Java model] and the elements from a [../../../org.eclipse.modisco.infra.omg.doc/mediawiki/kdm/user.html#Details MoDisco KDM Inventory model].
Such a weaving information is convenient for client programs in order to access physical files. For example, the [../../../org.eclipse.modisco.infrastructure.doc/mediawiki/model_browser/user.html MoDisco Browser] may use this information for displaying original code portions associated to Java model element.
The bundles relies on the [../../../org.eclipse.modisco.infrastructure.doc/mediawiki/kdm_source_extension/user.html kdm.source extension framework].
== Components ==
* [../composition_metamodel/user.html Composition metamodel]
* [../composition_discoverer/user.html Composition discoverer]
** [../composition_discoverer/plugin_dev.html Composition discoverer API]
* [../composition_ui/user.html Java source code synchronization]
== Team ==
* Fabien Giquel ([ Mia-Software])
* Nicolas Guyomar ([ Mia-Software])
== Included Plug-ins ==
* metamodel :
* discoverer :
* Java source code synchronization :