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= Overview =
This component aims at analyzing Java source code compliant with version 3 of "Java Language Specification" from Oracle and providing a model describing the information found, conforming to the [../../../ Java metamodel].
A Java model contains the full abstract syntax tree of a Java program: each statement such as an attribute definition, method invocation or loop is described. In addition, links between elements are resolved (by resolved link we mean for instance a link between a method invocation and the declaration of this method, or between the usage of a variable and its declaration). The model can thus be seen as an abstract syntax graph (ASG).
= Components =
* [java_metamodel/user.html Java metamodel]
* [java_discoverer/user.html Java discoverer]
* [java_generation/user.html Java generation]
* [java_discoverer_benchmark/user.html Java discoverer benchmark]
* [java_to_kdm/user.html Java to KDM transformation]
= Team =
* Gabriel Barbier ([ Mia-Software])
* Fabien Giquel ([ Mia-Software])
* Frédéric Madiot ([ Mia-Software])
* Romain Dervaux
= Included Plug-ins =
* Java metamodel :
* Java discoverer :
* KDM to UML discoverer : org.eclipse.modisco.kdm.uml2converter