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<title>Object Teams Outline</title>
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<h1>Object Teams Outline</h1>
The <b>Object Teams outline</b> provides the following features
(in addition to the features of the standard JDT
<a href="/help/topic/org.eclipse.platform.doc.user/concepts/coutline.htm">
outline view</a>):
<li>lists the <b>structural elements</b> of an Object Teams source file, i.e. team
classes, role classes, callin/callout bindings, methods, fields etc.
<li>shows <b>Object Teams specific icons</b> for team classes, role classes and method
bindings<br />
See the <a href="packageexplorer.html">package explorer</a> for icons and their meaning.
<img src="images/screenshots/outline.jpg"
alt="Object Teams outline view">