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Infrastructure.cmof - from UML 2.2 specification
SubSuperstructure.cmof - trimmed and edited from UML 2.2 specification
OCL.cmof - from OCL specification after editing and enhancement
MDTOCL.cmof - local contribution
Pivot.cmof - the overall merge
Pivot.cmof defines:
- the merge of
--- UML Core::Basic from Infrastructure.ecore (standard)
--- UML Core::PrimitiveTypes from Infrastructure.ecore (standard)
--- UML-based Templates from SubSuperstructure.ecore
--- UML-based Associations from SubSuperstructure.ecore
--- OCL PrimitiveTypes (adds Real for now)
--- OCL Types (potentially standard)
--- OCL Expressions (potentially standard)
--- OCL Runtime (new standard perhaps)
- the Ecore profile
--- the URI
--- the primitive type to Java mappings
A UML Editor->Package->Merge... is saved as Pivot.merged.uml
Pivot.genmodel is Reloaded from Pivot.merged.uml to produce pivot.ecore.
-- the genmodel reload shows pivot as the ONLY package.
This is all automated by the /