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Model Markup
This model description is not a real EMF artifact. It was generated by the
org.eclipse.emf.examples.generator.validator plug-in to illustrate how EMF's
code generator can be extended.
This can be disabled with -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.emf.examples.generator.validator=false.
Package markup <>
Class BulletElement -> CompoundElement
Attribute /level : EString
Class CompoundElement -> MarkupElement
Reference elements : MarkupElement<<0..*>>
Class FigureElement -> MarkupElement
Attribute /id : EInt
Attribute src : EString
Attribute alt : EString
Attribute def : EString
Attribute requiredWidth : EString
Attribute requiredHeight : EString
Attribute /actualWidth : EInt
Attribute /actualHeight : EInt
Class FigureRefElement -> MarkupElement
Reference ref : FigureElement<<1..1>>
Class FontElement -> CompoundElement
Attribute /font : EString<<1..1>>
Class FootnoteElement -> CompoundElement
Class HeadingElement -> CompoundElement
Attribute /level : EString
Class Markup -> CompoundElement
Class MarkupElement
Reference owner : CompoundElement
Attribute /uniqueId : EInt
Class NewLineElement -> MarkupElement
Attribute text : EString<<1..1>>
Class NullElement -> CompoundElement
Class OCLCodeElement -> CompoundElement
Class OCLEvalElement -> CompoundElement
Class OCLTextElement -> CompoundElement
Class TextElement -> MarkupElement
Attribute text : EString<<0..*>>