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(object Petal
version 50
_written "Rose 8.3.0407.2800"
charSet 0)
(object Class_Category "localization"
is_unit TRUE
is_loaded TRUE
quid "450001630220"
|Contains model snipplets useful for parts of the programming model that require translation of (parts of) their artifacts, such as UI texts, message texts or descriptions useful during design-time. This may require linking to concepts such as "development language" providing defaults for the language in which a string is given.
|It will also be an interesting question how the languages, regions and dialects important for the translation process should be represented.
stereotype "metamodel"
exportControl "Public"
logical_models (list unit_reference_list
(object Class "TranslatableText"
quid "450001CE02D8"
class_attributes (list class_attribute_list
(object ClassAttribute "text"
quid "450001DC01BF"
type "String"
exportControl "Public")
(object ClassAttribute "hintForTranslator"
quid "4500021C003B"
type "String"
exportControl "Public"))))
logical_presentations (list unit_reference_list
(object ClassDiagram "Translatable Texts"
quid "4500019E015C"
title "Translatable Texts"
zoom 100
max_height 28350
max_width 21600
origin_x 0
origin_y 0
items (list diagram_item_list
(object ClassView "Class" "Logical View::localization::TranslatableText" @1
ShowCompartmentStereotypes TRUE
IncludeAttribute TRUE
IncludeOperation TRUE
location (616, 315)
font (object Font
size 10
face "Arial"
bold FALSE
italics FALSE
underline FALSE
strike FALSE
color 0
default_color TRUE)
label (object ItemLabel
Parent_View @1
location (369, 209)
fill_color 13434879
nlines 1
max_width 494
justify 0
label "TranslatableText")
icon_style "Icon"
line_color 3342489
fill_color 13434879
quidu "450001CE02D8"
width 512
height 236
annotation 8
autoResize TRUE)))))