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Thoughts on the semantics of reflection and metalevel-crossing semantics:
A class in NGPM shall itself be an object. Therefore, it must be
possible to write a literal that denotes a class.
There is an association "InstanceOf" linking any object to its
class. Since the "Object" class does not expose any features, all
classes conform to it. Therefore, all objects are permissible to be
linked to their class using the InstanceOf association.
All metaobjects as modeled in the metamodel appear as regular objects
in the programming model. Many of them may be read-only during
program runtime.
The class object for class Class has itself as its type.
The Block type can as well be instantiated, and an instance of type
Block is just a runtime object whose class is Block. So are Statement,
Assignment, Variable, ...
For many of these types corresponding literals are required to represent
values of the type.