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AbstractSetupTaskContext_NoLauncherName_message=Could not determine the launcher name from {0}
SetupArchiver_ArchiveDamaged_message=The resulting archive is damaged. Deleting {0}
SetupArchiver_ArchiveDamagedKeepOld_message=The resulting archive is damaged so the old one will be retained. Deleting {0}
SetupArchiver_Changed_message=CHANGED\! {0}
SetupArchiver_CouldNotBackUp_message=Could not create backup {0}
SetupArchiver_CouldNotDelete_message=Could not delete {0}
SetupArchiver_CouldNotDeleteBadVersion_exception=Could delete bad version of {0}
SetupArchiver_CouldNotRename_message=Could not rename {0} to {1}
SetupArchiver_CouldNotSetTimestamp_exception=Could not set timestamp of {0}
SetupArchiver_DiagnosticError_message=\ \ ERROR: {0} {1} {2} {3}
SetupArchiver_FailedToLoad_message=FAILED to load {0}
SetupArchiver_FailedToLoadProperly_message=FAILED to load properly because of unrecognized XML content {0}
SetupArchiver_FailedToSave_message=FAILED to save {0}
SetupArchiver_Failures_message=There were failures so no entries will be deleted from the archive
SetupArchiver_Ignoring_message=Ignoring {0}
SetupArchiver_InconsistentResults_exception=The server is delivering inconsistent results for {0}
SetupArchiver_Mirroring_message=Mirroring {0}
SetupArchiver_NoUpdates_message=No updates for {0}
SetupArchiver_PreviouslyMirrored_message=Previously mirrored {0} -> {1}
SetupArchiver_SuccessfullyCreated_message=Successfully created {0}
SetupArchiver_SuccessfulUpdates_message=Successful updates for {0}
SetupTaskPerformer_ChangingConfiguration_message=Changing {0} (osgi.configuration.cascaded=false)
SetupTaskPerformer_MissingVariables_exception=Missing variables for {0}
SetupTaskPerformer_NoInstallFolderForProfile_message=No install folder found for profile
SetupTaskPerformer_Performing_message=Performing {0}
SetupTaskPerformer_PerformingPostBootstrap_message=Performing post bootstrap tasks
SetupTaskPerformer_Product_message=Product {0}
SetupTaskPerformer_ProjectMessage=Project {0}
SetupTaskPerformer_UnresolvedVariables_exception=Unresolved variables for {0}
SetupTaskPerformer_Workspace_message=Workspace {0}
StringFilterRegistry_Base64_description=Encodes the String value to its base64 representation.
StringFilterRegistry_BasePath_description=Removes the last segment from a file system path.
StringFilterRegistry_Camel_description=Converts a qualified name to camel case notation.
StringFilterRegistry_Canonical_description=Canonicalizes a file system path.
StringFilterRegistry_Cap_description=Capitalizes the first word of a String value.
StringFilterRegistry_CapAll_description=Capitalizes all words of a String value.
StringFilterRegistry_Cygpath_description=Converts a Windows path to a Linux-style path as used for cygwin.
StringFilterRegistry_File_description=Converts a file: URI to an OS-specific file system path.
StringFilterRegistry_FileExtension_description=Extracts the file extension from a URI or a file system path.
StringFilterRegistry_GitRepository_description=Extracts the name of the repository from a Git URI (excluding a possible .git suffix).
StringFilterRegistry_LastSegment_description=Extracts the last segment from a file system path.
StringFilterRegistry_Length_description=Converts a String to a String that contains the alpha-numerical representation of the length of the original String.
StringFilterRegistry_Lower_description=Converts all characters of a String value to lower-case.
StringFilterRegistry_Not_description=The boolean logical negation, i.e., 'false' if the value is 'true', and 'true' if the value is 'false' (or anything else).
StringFilterRegistry_Path_description=Converts all \\ characters of a String value, typically a file system path, to /.
StringFilterRegistry_PathEncode_description=Converts a file system path to a String value that can be used as a file name.
StringFilterRegistry_PatternQuote_description=Quotes regular-expression constructs in the String value such that the result can be used as a literal string in patterns.
StringFilterRegistry_PreferenceNode_description=Escapes all forward slashes (/) of a String value, so that the result can be used as a value in preference nodes.
StringFilterRegistry_Property_description=Escapes all double back slashes (\\\\) of a String value, so that the result can be used as a value in properties.
StringFilterRegistry_PropertyValue_description=Interprets the String value as a preference property path and returns the value of that property.
StringFilterRegistry_QualifiedName_description=Converts a camel case String value name to a qualified name.
StringFilterRegistry_RSEFreeze_description=The result of org.eclipse.rse.internal.persistence.PropertyFileProvider.freeze(String).
StringFilterRegistry_SlashDecode_description=Decodes a slashEncoded String value.
StringFilterRegistry_SlashEncode_description=Encodes all slashes and backslashes of a String value.
StringFilterRegistry_Trim_description=Removes all whitespace from the beginning and the end of a String.
StringFilterRegistry_TrimLeft_description=Removes all whitespace from the beginning of a String.
StringFilterRegistry_TrimRight_description=Removes all whitespace from the end of a String.
StringFilterRegistry_TrimTrailingSlashes_description=Removes all slashes and backslashes from the end of a String.
StringFilterRegistry_Upper_description=Converts all characters of a String value to upper-case.
StringFilterRegistry_URI_description=Converts a file system path to a file: URI.
StringFilterRegistry_URILastSegment_description=Extracts the last path segment from a hierarchical URI or the authority from an opaque URI.
StringFilterRegistry_URLDecode_description=Decodes a URL.
StringFilterRegistry_URLEncode_description=URL-encodes a String value.
StringFilterRegistry_Username_description=Escapes all "at" symbols (@) of a String value, so that the result can be used in URI that contain a username.