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#Generated by Eclipse Messages Editor (Eclipse Babel)
all = all
all_tip = add all entries
data = data
data_tip = All entries of the entity are displayed here
entity = select entity
entity_tip = Choose here which entity data is to be locked or unlocked
invers = inverse
invers_tip = If you check this box then the selected data is locked. Unselected data will be unlocked.
locale_tooltip = Localization
logout_button_tooltip = Log-out
none = none
none_tip = If you press this button then none of the entries will be selected.
position_label_tooltip = Position
print_service_tooltip = Print Service
save = save
save_tip = If you press this button , the current selection is stored . Only the selected items are then visible to the user . If the option is "inverse" is selected, the selected entries are invisible .
strategy_tooltip = Layout strategy
themes_tooltip = Themes
user_label_tooltip = User name
user_menu_tooltip = Drop-down menu
username = Username
username_tip = Enter the user name for locking or unlocking of the data.