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#Generated by Eclipse Messages Editor (Eclipse Babel)
acceptdelete_description = acceptdelete_description
acceptdelete_message = This record was just deleted. Do you accept this change?
acceptdelete_title = Attention
acceptloosingdata_description = loss of data possible
acceptloosingdata_message = changed data will be lost
acceptloosingdata_title = Attention
acceptreload_description = acceptreload_description
acceptreload_message = acceptreload_message
acceptreload_title = acceptreload_title
acceptsave_description = loss of data possible
acceptsave_message = This record was just changed. Do you accept the changed data?
acceptsave_title = Attention
activation_time = Activation time
actual_owner = Actual owner
add_entry = Add entry
all = all
all_tip = add all entries
alt = Alt
clean = Data unmodified
ctrl = Ctrl
data = data
data_tip = All entries of the entity are displayed here
datainterchange_started = Datainterchange started
del = Del
deleted = deleted
description = Description
dirty = Data changed
download = download
entity = select entity
entity_tip = Choose here which entity data is to be locked or unlocked
eq = equal
except_for = Except for
expiration_time = Expiration time
ge = greater equal
groups = Roles
gt = greater
here_are_some_resources_that_will_help_you_to_get_started = Here are some resources that will help you to get started
invalid = Data invalid
invers = inverse
invers_tip = If you check this box then the selected data is locked. Unselected data will be unlocked.
javax_validation_constraints_decimal_max_message = The number must be less than {value}
javax_validation_constraints_decimal_min_message = The number must be greater than {value}
javax_validation_constraints_future_message = The date must be in future
javax_validation_constraints_max_message = The number must be less than {value}
javax_validation_constraints_min_message = The number must be greater than {value}
javax_validation_constraints_not_null_message = This attribute must not be empty
javax_validation_constraints_past_message = The date must be in past
javax_validation_constraints_pattern_message = Input must match "{regexp}"
javax_validation_constraints_size_message = Length of input must be between {min} and {max}
keybinding_category = Category
keybinding_context_description = Context description
keybinding_context_name =
keybinding_description = Description
keybinding_key_sequence = Key sequence
keybinding_name = Name
le = less equal
like = like
locale_tooltip = Localization
logout_button_tooltip = Log-out
lt = less
modify_entry = Modify entry
ne = not equal
no = no
none = none
none_tip = If you press this button then none of the entries will be selected.
options_acceptdelete = Accept
options_acceptdelete_description = options_acceptdelete_description
options_acceptloosingdata = Accept
options_acceptloosingdata_description = options_acceptloosingdata_description
options_acceptreload = options_acceptreload
options_acceptreload_description = options_acceptreload_description
options_acceptsave = Accept
options_acceptsave_description = options_acceptsave_description
options_cancel = Cancel
options_cancel_description = options_cancel_description
options_query_delete = delete
position_label_tooltip = Position
print_service_tooltip = Print Service
priority = Priority
process_id = Process ID
process_instance_id =
process_session_id = Process session ID
query_delete = Do you want to delete this entry?
query_delete_title = Delete
reset = Reset
reset_jpa_cache = Database
reset_jpa_cache_tip = If data has been changed with external tools and the database is cached, it must be reset for the external change to become visible in the application.
reset_mondrian_cache = BI data
reset_mondrian_cache_tip = If data was changed with external tools and the BI caches, it must be reset for the external change to be visible in the application.
reset_user_properties = Surface
reset_user_properties_tip = If perspective separators, column arrangements, or other settings have been changed, they will be saved. Here, these settings can be reset to factory setting.
save = Save
save_tip = If you press this button , the current selection is stored . Only the selected items are then visible to the user . If the option is "inverse" is selected, the selected entries are invisible .
saved = Saved
savedandnew = Saved and new
savedas = Saved as
search = Search
shift = Shift
start_process_text = Start process?
status = Status
strategy_tooltip = Layout strategy
subject = Subject
task_id = Task ID
themes_tooltip = Themes
unique_attribute_validator_error = This attribute must be unique and is already present in the database
upload = upload
user_label_tooltip = User name
user_menu_tooltip = Drop-down menu
usergroup_tip = user group
users = Users
valid = Data valid
welcome = Welcome
yes = yes