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<title>OSBP Tools Graphical Entity</title>
<p>The <strong>OSBP&nbsp;Xtext&nbsp;Action DSL</strong> defines action buttons and toolbars.</p>
<p><br />
Each action button provides a <em>canExecute</em> method which evaluates its own state. For evaluation purposes, a cross reference to a function of the FunctionLibraryDSL is established.<br />
These functions can take sessionwide context information or queries against datasources into account and build up calculations resulting in a boolean expression.</p>
<p>Each button implements an execute method to call an external routine from the consumer of this DSL.<br />
Consumers have to subscribe to the emitted targetID of the execute method to be notified of such a trigger.</p>
<p>Toolbars have a unique ID to be referenced by different consumers of this DSL.<br />
Potential consumers are: DialogDSL, PerspectiveDSL, TableDSL, ChartDSL, ReportDSL.<br />
Consumers have to implement a cross reference to this DSL.</p>