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target "Compare Target Platform - Release, Tests" with source requirements
include "compare-release-base.tpd"
location "" {
org.eclipse.papyrus.junit.utils lazy
org.eclipse.papyrus.junit.framework lazy
//For the tests, we need a nightly version of some Papyrus plugins, as breaking changes have been
//introduced between Oxygen.1 (Release) and Oxygen.2 (Nightly)
//Papyrus test framework is only available as a Nightly, and depends on these breaking changes
location papyrusNightly "" {
//Override Papyrus units from compare-release.tpd, to make sure we pull the nightly lazy
//That's the feature we explicitly need, for the Papyrus junit.utils to work lazy
//Transitive dependency for Papyrus Nightly (Will be released in Oxygen.2 but is not yet present in Oxygen.1)
location xwt "" { [1.3.1,2.0.0)
//required for Compare test ProfileMigrationTest
location sysml "" {
location emfCompare "" { lazy lazy