Papyrus for Designer

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  1. f4eada3 Bug 546545 - [C++ Gen] properties with undefined multiplicity should be generated in a correct way by Ansgar Radermacher · 4 weeks ago master
  2. c50e7d0 Bug 566926 - [Designer, transformation] Transformation steps do not have access to progress monitor by Ansgar Radermacher · 2 weeks ago
  3. d89a5a8 Bug 543625 - [Designer] Enable protected sections in generated code by Ansgar Radermacher · 2 weeks ago
  4. a4ae41b Bug 534972 - [Designer] Code generation should not delete files prior to code generation by Ansgar Radermacher · 5 weeks ago
  5. eb6d9dc Bug 561617 - [C++ CodeGen] Generated connections do not reflect the model for multiple delegation by Ansgar Radermacher · 3 months ago

Papyrus Designer

mvn -f languages/pom.xml org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=1.0.0 mvn -f components/pom.xml org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=0.7.1