Bug 579217 - [Designer, components] Code generation for abstract components generated wrong code
Bug 579408 - [Designer, C++ codegen] Non required includes for abstract operation

- Changed order in which the component-to-OO transformation applies the ptr stereotype
  This assures the right dereferencing operaitons are produced in the createConnections call.
	(and a comment that indiciates that order has an impact).

- The component-to-OO transformation adds a abstract "get-port" operation to a class (pure virtual),
  if the class is abstract and the port is thus not implemented by the class. It is currently not
  possible to implement a part of the ports in case of an abstract component.

- Add comment to PortUtils that outlines the original idea of a separation between component-type and
  implementation. This sepearation needs to be documented in the wiki as well.

- The error message (implying a stop of code generation) is kept, as the check is only done for ports of
  the own component and those in an abstract superclass (and therefore not implemented there). This is
  aligned with the automatic synchronisation of the "implements-interface" which is not done in the

- Filter operations depending on their abstract status, when generting code for bodies

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