[interoperability] Add diagram definition plugins  to the repository

- moved the dd plugins to a new plugins folder and created a feature folder
- rewired the poms to this change
- added a feature and a p2 reference
- added a specific dd profile for build purposes

Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <quentin.lemenez@cea.fr>
1602 files changed
tree: f749caa7295ce8d45c6fc530cfde76752e77d61c
  1. common/
  2. diagram-definition/
  3. releng/
  4. rpy/
  5. rsa/
  6. sysml14/
  7. .gitattributes
  8. .gitignore
  9. README.md


A Papyrus Repository for all interoperability features

Repository structure

How to build

Building for Eclipser server

If you want to pack and sign the project, you have to use the following profiles: