[Releng] Separate build of each tool

* reorganize the repo (bundles, features and releng folder for each
* one profile to build each tool

Change-Id: Icb29e8a65c24136ef04db6559b4f21568ca836f9
Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <pauline.deville@cea.fr>
1218 files changed
tree: dbe4dfdeace4fb1b947e33342513eed5f9158694
  1. annotations/
  2. externalcontrol/
  3. fmi/
  4. instancespecification/
  5. parametric/
  6. releng/
  7. scripting/
  8. simex/
  9. suml/
  10. visualization/
  11. .gitignore
  13. pom.xml
  14. README.md

To build annotations

mvn clean verify -P simex,annotations

To build externalcontrol

mvn clean verify -P externalcontrol

To build fmi

mvn clean verify -P fmi

To build instancespecification

mvn clean verify -P instancespecification

To build parametric

mvn clean verify -P parametric

To build scripting

mvn clean verify -P scripting

To build simex

mvn clean verify -P simex

To build suml

mvn clean verify -P suml

To build suml

mvn clean verify -P visualization