Bug 582229 - [Robotics, ROS2] Bad Python code generation for services, actions and parameters

- rclpy model library library:
	- Add missing stereotype <<Module>> on service package
	- Remove empty nested rclpy package
	- Add further types for actions
- remove C++ code for parameter descriptions
- replace code generation for actions (which was a copy of C++ code generation before)
- change code C++ specific parameter type in Callbacks.xtend
- use <<External>> stereotype from common code generation profile instead of C++ one
- Apply <<External>> stereotypes for Python and C++ to ROS2 primitive types
- Use nightly in P2 category - for consistency with target platform definition
- Declare dependency to version 3.1.0 of designer profile plugins

Change-Id: I6c9d2708bb7e642722d1c689fde75fa2719d617b
Signed-off-by: aradermache <ansgar.radermacher@cea.fr>
10 files changed
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