Java 8
diff --git a/platform/4.4/M7/images/convert-to-lambda-1.png b/platform/4.4/M7/images/convert-to-lambda-1.png
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   <tr id="java-8">
     <td class="title">Java 8</td>
     <td class="content">
-      TODO.
+      <a href="">Java&trade; 8</a> is here, and JDT fully supports it:
+		<ul>
+			<li>Eclipse compiler implements all the new Java 8 <a href="">language enhancements</a></li>
+			<li>Updated significant features to support Java 8, such as Search and Refactoring</li>
+			<li>New formatter options for lambdas</li>
+			<li>Quick Assist and Clean Up to migrate anonymous class creations to lambda expressions and back:
+				<p>Before:</p>
+				<p><img src="images/convert-to-lambda-1.png" alt="anonymous class with a 1-line method body"/></p>
+				<p>After the Quick Assist (<b>Ctrl+1</b>), the 5 lines are condensed into 1:</p>
+				<p><img src="images/convert-to-lambda-2.png" alt="lambda expression -- everything on 1 line"/></p>
+			</li>
+		</ul>