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<title>Components Results view</title>
<h1>Components Results view</h1>
This view show for each of the performance machine the entire results since the beginning.
<h2>Config tab</h2>
Each tab of this view represent a performance machine (also named config).
The name of the machine is the name of the tab. The results are displayed in
a table where each column represents a scenario and each line a build.
The lines are ordered in descending order (from the most recent to the oldest build).
Here are some tips about this view:
<li>when old builds are not filtered, the milestone build are highlighted in bold
+ blueref color background</li>
<li>results color depends on the diff of the delta with the baseline:
<li>red: <code>diff &lt;= -5%</code></li>
<li>magenta: <code>-5% &lt; diff &lt; 0%</code></li>
<li>black: <code>0% &lt;= diff &lt; +10%</code></li>
<li>blue: <code>+10% &lt;= diff &lt; +25%</code></li>
<li>green: <code>diff &gt;= +25%</code></li>
<li>icons have the same meaning than in the Components view</li>
<li>more information are available in the cell tooltip when either there's a
warning/information icon and/or when the result is in displayed italic</li>
There are 3 possible filters in this view:
<h3>Builds filters</h3>
<li>Nightly: hide the nightly builds (starting with 'N')</li>
<li>Old: hide all builds before last milestone except earlier milestones</li>
<h3>Scenarios filter</h3>
<li>Advanced scenarios: hide the scenarios which are not in the fingerprints</li>
These filters are synchronized with the Components view, hence have the same default.