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  1. ec042a1 v4716 by Arun Thondapu · 5 days ago master I20161023-2000 Y20161021-0600 Y20161021-1200 v4716b
  2. cf8cd8c Bug 502410: Unit test results report for GTK2 is incomplete (blocked in gtk_enumerate_printers) by Markus Keller · 5 days ago Y20161020-1800
  3. 1b3941d Bug 222752 - [Win32] READ_ONLY Combo with List visible can lose by Eugen Neufeld · 7 weeks ago Y20161020-1000
  4. b400916 v4716 by Arun Thondapu · 5 days ago v4716a
  5. 0d371d7 Bug 502845 - Update SWT snippets to use the SelectionListener lambda by Alexander Kurtakov · 6 days ago

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