Bug 577878 - [GTK] Adjust coordinate system when rendering Tree/Table drag image

Some SWT.EraseItem/SWT.PaintItem completely ignore `event.getBounds()`
and instead use `event.item.getBounds()`, which returns item rect in
control instead of item rect in current paint GC.

On example of it is Eclipse's

I would say that this is a bug in Eclipse.

However, macOS has a workaround for it, where it adjusts GC's coordinate
system so that GC's coordinates match Control's coordinates (see
`transform.translateXBy()` in `Table.drawInteriorWithFrame_inView()`).
This patch adds a similar workaround for GTK.

Change-Id: I3fed4aacdc28a389e36453f7ede5e62291a95278
Signed-off-by: Alexandr Miloslavskiy <alexandr.miloslavskiy@syntevo.com>
Reviewed-on: https://git.eclipse.org/r/c/platform/eclipse.platform.swt/+/192263
Tested-by: Platform Bot <platform-bot@eclipse.org>
Reviewed-by: Alexander Kurtakov <akurtako@redhat.com>
2 files changed
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