Bug 546490: [GTK] Incorrect Table/Tree size

Address Tree sizing issues. The majority of the issues
stem from the fact that GTK reports a 1x1 size for
Widgets which are not visible. This afflicts columns
in Trees/Tables, and throws of computeSize() values.

This patch addresses this by initially setting the column
buttons visible whenever doing a pack() or computeSize()

Further more, GtkScrolledWindows without scrollbars
sometimes do not change their size, likely due to
caching. In order to work around, we check if the Tree
has an initial computed height equalling the header
height, and bump that height by 1px to trigger a resize.

Tested on GTK3.24 on X11 and Wayland. No AllNonBrowser
JUnit tests fail.

Change-Id: I7e6bc4940e9b026a30b81e1993ab09c7d5332753
Signed-off-by: Eric Williams <ericwill@redhat.com>
3 files changed
tree: 380b55125903d96f51df5dba117543eab3508246
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