Bug 559230 - [Regression] Opening a file is extremely slow

Revert "Bug 343086 - [StyledText] Horizontal scroll bar vanishes when
line gets shorter"
This reverts commit 218f92e3b9fda0f48cc2d06401f180d5098121e3.

Revert "Bug 553377 - StyledTextRenderer max width can be invalid"
This reverts commit 795aeac59686647adf9dd0ea194583482609ac01.

Change-Id: I67c865393678af4ff777e8b7724e24ed3dfa8703
Signed-off-by: Paul Pazderski <paul-eclipse@ppazderski.de>
3 files changed
tree: 2368c2f2aa5a77b6d5b56fc7ca05385f08b6b9ea
  1. .gitignore
  5. README.md
  6. bundles/
  7. container/
  8. examples/
  9. features/
  10. local-build/
  11. pom.xml
  12. tests/

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