Bug 497923 - [GTK] build.sh bugfixes and improvements

Shell script can't assign variable values in conditional constructs so
the double equals is redundant. Moreover it gives a syntax error on
older ash/dash or whatever HP-UX builder is using.

Change-Id: Ia1916b1ec16a4c1cafc54979336f39cc7065942e
Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <akurtako@redhat.com>
1 file changed
tree: 57e933c824fecdbf3889a598632f6b6afa6d937a
  1. .gitignore
  2. README.md
  3. bundles/
  4. examples/
  5. features/
  6. local-build/
  7. pom.xml
  8. tests/

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