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  1. .classpath_cocoa
  2. .classpath_gtk
  3. .classpath_win32
  4. .externalToolBuilders/
  5. .gitignore
  6. .project
  7. .settings/
  8. Eclipse SWT AWT/
  9. Eclipse SWT Accessibility/
  10. Eclipse SWT Browser/
  11. Eclipse SWT Custom Widgets/
  12. Eclipse SWT Drag and Drop/
  13. Eclipse SWT Mozilla/
  14. Eclipse SWT OLE Win32/
  15. Eclipse SWT OpenGL/
  16. Eclipse SWT PI/
  17. Eclipse SWT Printing/
  18. Eclipse SWT Program/
  19. Eclipse SWT Theme/
  20. Eclipse SWT WebKit/
  21. Eclipse SWT/
  22. META-INF/
  24. about.html
  25. about_files/
  27. build.xml
  28. build/
  29. buildFragment.xml
  30. buildInternal.xml
  31. buildSWT.xml
  32. components/
  34. pom.xml
  35. tasks/


Main plug-in for the SWT user interface library.

Setting the classpath:

To compile this project you need to set the classpath specific for your operating and windowing system. For this, rename one of the following files to .classpath.

  • .classpath_win32 - Windows
  • .classpath_cocoa - Mac OS
  • .classpath_gtk - Linux and all Unix variants

To see these files you may have to remove the filter for .file in the Project Explorer. Use the view menu and Custimize View entry for this.

More Information:

See the in the main directory of the Git repository for this project to learn more about SWT development.