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  1. 2ee6925 Bug 533285 - Add require bundle dependency on org.eclipse.platform by Karsten Thoms · 14 days ago master I20180410-2000 I20180411-0530 I20180411-0735 I20180411-2000 I20180412-2000 I20180413-2000 I20180414-1500 I20180415-2000 I20180416-0305 I20180416-2000 I20180417-2000 I20180418-2000
  2. 03b4778 Bug 532660 - [Dark Theme] Use same color for comments in Ant files as by Lars Vogel · 4 weeks ago I20180321-2000 I20180322-0225 I20180322-0645 I20180322-2000 I20180323-0355 I20180323-2000 I20180324-1500 I20180325-2000 I20180326-2000 I20180327-0630 I20180327-0805 I20180327-2000 I20180328-2000 I20180329-0000 I20180329-2000 I20180330-2000 I20180330-2235 I20180331-1500 I20180401-2000 I20180402-2000 I20180403-2000 I20180404-2000 I20180405-2000 I20180406-2000 I20180407-1500 I20180408-2000 I20180409-2000
  3. 3e30b70 Bug 532658 - [Dark Theme] Ant targets look bad in run configuration by Lars Vogel · 4 weeks ago
  4. cce430e Bug 518941 - New Splash Screen for Photon by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 5 weeks ago I20180313-2000 I20180314-2000 I20180315-2000 I20180316-0455 I20180316-0510 I20180316-0525 I20180316-0730 I20180316-0740 I20180316-2000 I20180317-1500 I20180318-2000 I20180319-2000 I20180320-2000
  5. 25be4ce Bug 532284 - Remove unknown CVS nature from ant.ui by Michael Keppler · 6 weeks ago I20180312-2000
  6. dc16087 Bug 531389 - Replace SubProgressMonitor by SubMonitor by Karsten Thoms · 8 weeks ago I20180309-2000 I20180310-1500 I20180311-2000
  7. 94ac8b1 Bug 518941 - New Splash Screen for Photon by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 6 weeks ago I20180305-0800 I20180305-2000 I20180306-0800 I20180306-2000 I20180307-0800 I20180307-0825 I20180307-0900 I20180307-1025 I20180307-2000 I20180308-0630 S4_8_0_M6
  8. 32fb488 Bug 531892 - Replace usage of IDE#getEditorDescriptor(IFile) by Karsten Thoms · 7 weeks ago I20180302-2000 I20180303-0055 I20180303-0155 I20180303-0335 I20180303-0800 I20180303-1200 I20180303-1500 I20180304-0800 I20180304-2000 I20180305-0300
  9. 87762a1 Bug 531844 - Enable refresh.lightweight.enabled (Refresh on Access) by default by Lars Vogel · 7 weeks ago I20180301-2000
  10. 569be77 Bug 531395 - Avoid potential NPE in configureAntObject by Karsten Thoms · 8 weeks ago I20180221-2000 I20180222-2000 I20180223-2000 I20180224-1500 I20180225-2000 I20180226-2000 I20180227-2000 I20180228-2000
  11. b52bb42 Bug 529852 - [9] 3 ant.ui tests fail with Java 9 by Sarika Sinha · 3 months ago I20180118-2000 I20180119-0110 I20180119-2000 I20180120-0800 I20180120-1500 I20180121-0800 I20180121-2000 I20180122-0800 I20180122-2000 I20180123-0800 I20180123-1010 I20180123-2000 I20180124-0800 I20180124-2000 I20180126-2040 I20180127-0150 I20180127-1500 I20180128-2000 I20180129-0540 I20180129-0605 I20180129-2000 I20180130-2000 I20180131-2000 I20180201-0200 I20180201-2000 I20180201-2325 I20180202-0315 I20180202-2000 I20180203-1500 I20180204-2000 I20180205-2000 I20180206-0315 I20180206-2000 I20180207-2000 I20180208-2000 I20180209-2000 I20180210-1500 I20180211-2000 I20180212-2000 I20180213-0125 I20180213-2000 I20180214-2000 I20180215-2000 I20180216-0415 I20180216-2000 I20180217-1500 I20180218-2000 I20180219-2000 I20180220-2000 S4_8_0_M5
  12. c05872e Bug 529962 - [9] AntJRETab should override postApply method by Sarika Sinha · 3 months ago
  13. 3f5f7ec Bug 527186 - Platform Ant should use SWT.SHEET with File and Directory Dialog by Sarika Sinha · 5 months ago I20171220-2000 I20171221-2000 I20171222-2000 I20171223-1500 I20171224-2000 I20171225-2000 I20171226-2000 I20171227-2000 I20171228-2000 I20171229-2000 I20171230-1500 I20171231-2000 I20180101-2000 I20180102-2000 I20180102-2215 I20180103-0140 I20180103-2000 I20180104-0030 I20180104-2000 I20180105-2000 I20180106-1500 I20180107-2000 I20180108-2000 I20180109-2000 I20180110-0100 I20180110-2000 I20180111-0530 I20180111-2000 I20180112-2000 I20180113-1500 I20180114-2000 I20180115-2000 I20180116-2000 I20180117-2000
  14. cbc1ea0 Bug 519783 - HTMLPrinter should migrate to StringBuilder by Lars Vogel · 4 months ago I20171215-0930 I20171215-2000 I20171216-1500 I20171217-2000 I20171218-2000 I20171219-2000
  15. 0afed29 Bug 528254 - [Java9] Added Automatic-Module-Name Header by Karsten Thoms · 4 months ago I20171212-2000 I20171213-2000 I20171214-0120 I20171214-2000 I20171215-0120 I20171215-0215
  16. 83fa154 Bug 520437 - [9] Running Releng script with JRE 9 fails by Sarika Sinha · 5 months ago I20171204-0530 I20171204-0830 I20171204-0850 I20171204-2000 I20171205-0030 I20171205-0250 I20171205-0800 I20171205-2000 I20171206-0800 I20171206-2000 I20171208-2000 I20171209-1020 I20171209-1500 I20171210-2000 I20171211-2000 S4_8_0_M4
  17. 67499d6 Bug 527941 - Add Automatic-Module-Name to MANIFEST.MF in Ant by Sarika Sinha · 5 months ago I20171201-0345 I20171201-0600 I20171201-2000 I20171202-0800 I20171202-1500 I20171203-0800 I20171203-2000
  18. 9f7c3d6 Bug 527783 - Entries in error log: org.eclipse.update.configurator - by Alexander Kurtakov · 5 months ago I20171129-2000 I20171130-2000 I20171130-2100
  19. b9da092 Bug 527840 - [9] BuildFileCreator should not generate bootclasspath by Sarika Sinha · 5 months ago I20171128-2000
  20. cb7e83e Bug 527840 - [9] BuildFileCreator should not generate bootclasspath by Sarika Sinha · 5 months ago