1. 6d7ba0e Bug 578820 - Use new FileLocator.getBundleFileLocation(Bundle) by Hannes Wellmann · 4 months ago master I20220317-1800
  2. 503d3fb Bug 578820 - Use new FileLocator.getBundleFileLocation(Bundle) by Sarika Sinha · 4 months ago I20220315-1800 I20220316-1800
  3. cf3efb0 Bug 579090 - Splash screen for 4.24 (2022-06) by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 4 months ago I20220307-0340 I20220307-0630 I20220307-1010 I20220307-1800 I20220308-1800 I20220309-1800 I20220310-1800 I20220311-1800 I20220312-0100 I20220312-1800 I20220313-1800 I20220314-1800
  4. c934d16 Bug 579073 - POM and product version change for 4.24 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 4 months ago
  5. d5bda2a Bug 578932 - Add help stubs for 4.23 by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 4 months ago R4_23_maintenance I20220223-1800 I20220225-1800 I20220226-0600 I20220226-1800 I20220227-0600 I20220227-1800 I20220228-0600 I20220228-1800 I20220301-0600 I20220301-1800 I20220302-0600 I20220302-1800 I20220308-0310 R4_23 S4_23_0_RC1 S4_23_0_RC2 S4_23_0_RC2a Y20220224-0600 Y20220225-0600 Y20220226-0600 Y20220227-0600 Y20220228-0600 Y20220301-0600 Y20220302-0600 Y20220303-0600 Y20220304-0600 Y20220304-0750 Y20220305-0600 Y20220306-0600 Y20220307-0600 Y20220308-0600 Y20220308-0730 Y20220309-0600 Y20220310-0600 Y20220311-0600 Y20220312-0600 Y20220313-0600 Y20220314-0600 Y20220314-1250 Y20220315-0600 Y20220316-0600 Y20220317-0600
  6. 00bff6d Bug 575210 - [17-18] JEP 411-393: Deprecate the Security Manager for Removal by Sarika Sinha · 4 months ago I20220214-1800 I20220215-0600 I20220215-1800 I20220216-0600 I20220216-1800 I20220218-1800 I20220219-0600 I20220219-1800 I20220220-0600 I20220220-1800 I20220221-0600 I20220221-1800 I20220222-1350 I20220222-1800 I20220223-0600 S4_23_0_M3 Y20220215-0600 Y20220216-0600 Y20220217-0600 Y20220218-0600 Y20220219-0600 Y20220220-0600 Y20220221-0600 Y20220222-1350 Y20220223-0600
  7. db1a601 Bug 575210 - [17-18] JEP 411-393: Deprecate the Security Manager for Removal by Sarika Sinha · 4 months ago
  8. 28bd469 Bug 575210 - [17-18] JEP 411-393: Deprecate the Security Manager for Removal by Sarika Sinha · 4 months ago I20220214-0600 Y20220214-0600
  9. 41ae8e4 Bug 575210 - [17-18] JEP 411-393: Deprecate the Security Manager for Removal by Sarika Sinha · 4 months ago I20220213-1800
  10. e337b40 Bug 578688 - Trust Eclipse project PGP key by default by Mickael Istria · 5 months ago I20220211-1800 I20220212-0140 I20220212-0600 I20220212-0800 I20220212-1800 I20220212-2040 I20220213-0600 Y20220212-0800 Y20220213-0900
  11. 5e9bb91 Adjust Jenkinsfile for move of releng.aggregator to github by Alexander Kurtakov · 5 months ago I20220209-1800 I20220210-1800 Y20220210-0600 Y20220211-0800
  12. 081aa47 Version bumps for 4.23 stream by Alexander Kurtakov · 5 months ago Y20220209-0600
  13. 3df068b Bug 578533 - Move Platform Ant Remote jars to JavaSE 11 by Sarika Sinha · 5 months ago I20220208-1800
  14. 0c6b013 Bug 563420 - [Test] testGetIncludeTargetsPerformance fails by Andrey Loskutov · 5 months ago I20220126-1800 I20220127-1800 I20220128-1800 I20220129-1800 I20220131-0700 I20220131-0800 I20220201-0310 I20220201-1800 I20220202-0620 I20220202-1800 I20220203-0300 I20220203-1310 I20220203-1550 I20220203-1640 I20220204-0300 I20220204-1800 I20220205-0040 I20220205-1800 I20220206-1800 I20220207-1800 Y20220127-0600 Y20220128-0600 Y20220129-0600 Y20220201-0600 Y20220202-0600 Y20220202-0910 Y20220203-0600 Y20220204-0620 Y20220204-0750 Y20220204-1200 Y20220205-0600 Y20220206-0600 Y20220207-0600 Y20220208-0600
  15. 50fb166 Bug 577442 - POM and product version change for 4.23 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 7 months ago I20211126-0230 I20211126-0740 I20211126-1800 I20211127-1800 I20211128-1800 I20211129-1800 I20211130-1000 I20211130-1100 I20211130-1800 I20211201-1800 I20211201-1950 I20211202-0440 I20211202-0900 I20211203-1010 I20211203-1800 I20211204-0500 I20211204-1800 I20211205-1800 I20211206-1800 I20211207-1800 I20211208-1800 I20211209-1800 I20211210-0600 I20211210-1050 I20211210-1800 I20211211-1800 I20211212-1800 I20211213-0440 I20211213-1800 I20211214-1800 I20211215-1800 I20211216-1800 I20211217-1800 I20211218-0140 I20211218-0200 I20211218-1800 I20211219-1800 I20211220-1820 I20211221-0620 I20211221-1800 I20211222-1800 I20211223-1800 I20211224-1800 I20211225-1800 I20211226-1800 I20211227-1800 I20211228-1800 I20211229-1800 I20211230-1800 I20211231-1800 I20220101-0600 I20220101-1140 I20220101-1800 I20220102-0600 I20220102-1800 I20220103-0600 I20220103-1800 I20220104-0600 I20220104-0940 I20220104-1800 I20220105-0600 I20220105-1800 I20220106-0000 I20220107-1800 I20220108-1800 I20220109-1800 I20220110-0310 I20220110-0550 I20220110-1800 I20220111-0450 I20220111-1800 I20220111-1910 I20220111-2130 I20220112-0210 I20220112-1800 I20220113-1800 I20220114-1800 I20220115-1800 I20220116-1800 I20220117-1800 I20220118-1800 I20220119-0540 I20220119-1320 I20220119-1440 I20220119-1800 I20220120-0220 I20220120-0720 I20220120-1800 I20220121-1800 I20220122-1800 I20220123-1800 I20220124-0510 I20220125-0320 I20220125-1800 I20220126-0520 S4_23_0_M1 Y20211210-0210 Y20211210-0600 Y20211211-0600 Y20211212-0600 Y20211213-0600 Y20211214-0600 Y20211215-0600 Y20211215-1140 Y20211216-0600 Y20211217-0600 Y20211218-0600 Y20211219-0600 Y20211220-0600 Y20211221-0600 Y20211222-0600 Y20211222-0830 Y20211222-0840 Y20211222-1030 Y20211223-0600 Y20211224-0600 Y20211226-0600 Y20211227-0600 Y20211228-0600 Y20211229-0600 Y20211230-0600 Y20211231-0600 Y20220101-0600 Y20220102-0600 Y20220103-0600 Y20220104-0600 Y20220105-0600 Y20220106-0600 Y20220107-0600 Y20220108-0600 Y20220109-0600 Y20220110-0600 Y20220111-0600 Y20220112-0600 Y20220112-0630 Y20220113-0600 Y20220113-0900 Y20220114-0600 Y20220115-0600 Y20220116-0600 Y20220117-0600 Y20220118-0600 Y20220119-0600 Y20220120-0600 Y20220121-0600 Y20220122-0600 Y20220123-0600 Y20220124-0600 Y20220125-0600 Y20220126-0600
  16. 88b0abf Bug 577440 - Splash screen for 4.23 (2022-03) by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 7 months ago
  17. 05be9f9 Bug 577296 - Add help stubs for 4.22 by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 7 months ago R4_22_maintenance I20211117-0600 I20211117-0920 I20211117-1830 I20211119-1800 I20211120-0600 I20211120-1800 I20211121-0600 I20211121-1800 I20211122-0820 I20211122-1800 I20211123-0600 I20211123-0750 I20211123-1800 I20211124-0600 I20211124-1800 R4_22 S4_22_0_RC1 S4_22_0_RC2
  18. 7fb425f Version bump for 4.22 stream by Alexander Kurtakov · 8 months ago I20211106-0600 I20211106-1800 I20211107-0600 I20211107-1800 I20211108-0620 I20211108-1800 I20211109-0720 I20211109-0840 I20211109-1800 I20211110-0600 I20211110-0750 I20211110-1800 I20211111-0910 I20211112-2030 I20211113-0600 I20211113-1800 I20211114-0600 I20211114-1800 I20211115-0600 I20211116-0000 I20211116-0600 I20211116-1800 S4_22_0_M3
  19. 1e65853 Bug 576370 - Update to Ant 1.10.12 by Sarika Sinha · 8 months ago I20211104-1800 I20211105-1800
  20. 73d9c24 [dogfooding][cleanup] Use new StringBuffer -> StringBuilder by Lars Vogel · 12 months ago I20211011-1800 I20211012-1800 I20211013-1800 I20211014-1800 I20211015-1800 I20211016-1800 I20211017-1800 I20211018-1800 I20211019-1800 I20211020-1800 I20211021-1800 I20211022-0130 I20211022-0920 I20211022-1800 I20211023-1800 I20211024-1800 I20211025-1800 I20211026-1800 I20211027-1800 I20211028-1800 I20211029-1800 I20211030-1800 I20211031-1800 I20211101-1800 I20211102-1020 I20211102-1800 I20211103-0020 I20211103-1800
  21. 0d65401 4.22 bump for org.eclipse.ant.ui by Lars Vogel · 9 months ago
  22. cdd1544 4.22 update for org.eclipse.ant.launching by Lars Vogel · 9 months ago I20210917-1800 I20210918-1800 I20210919-0120 I20210919-1800 I20210920-1800 I20210921-1800 I20210922-1800 I20210923-1800 I20210924-0200 I20210924-1800 I20210925-0600 I20210925-1800 I20210926-0600 I20210926-1800 I20210927-0600 I20210927-1800 I20210928-0600 I20210928-1800 I20210929-0600 I20210929-1800 I20211001-1800 I20211002-0220 I20211002-1800 I20211003-1800 I20211004-2030 I20211005-1800 I20211006-1800 I20211007-0350 I20211007-1800 I20211008-1800 I20211009-1800 I20211010-1800 S4_22_0_M1
  23. beccefe Syntax sugar in Ant bundles by Alexander Kurtakov · 10 months ago I20210907-1800 I20210908-1800 I20210909-1800 I20210910-1800 I20210911-1800 I20210913-2050 I20210914-1800 I20210915-0150 I20210915-0510 I20210915-0700 I20210915-1800 I20210916-1800 I20210916-2150 I20210917-0000
  24. d6ad046 Version bumps for 4.22 by Alexander Kurtakov · 10 months ago
  25. 4967122 Bug 575782 - POM and product version change for 4.22 release by Kit Lo · 10 months ago I20210906-0610 I20210906-0820 I20210906-1000 I20210906-1800
  26. b4cf501 Bug 575772 - Splash screen for 4.22 (2021-12) by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 10 months ago
  27. e16419e Bug 575375 - Update scm links in pom files to use https protocol by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 11 months ago R4_21_maintenance I20210812-1800 I20210813-1800 I20210814-0600 I20210814-1800 I20210815-0600 I20210815-1800 I20210816-0600 I20210816-1800 I20210817-0600 I20210817-1840 I20210818-0600 I20210818-1250 I20210818-1800 I20210820-1800 I20210821-0600 I20210821-1800 I20210822-0600 I20210822-1800 I20210823-0600 I20210823-1800 I20210824-0600 I20210824-1800 I20210825-0600 I20210825-1800 I20210827-1800 I20210828-0600 I20210828-1800 I20210829-0600 I20210829-1800 I20210830-0600 I20210830-1800 I20210831-0600 I20210831-1800 I20210901-0600 I20210901-1800 I20210906-0500 R4_21 S4_21_0_M3 S4_21_0_RC1 S4_21_0_RC1a S4_21_0_RC2 S4_21_0_RC2a Y20210813-0710 Y20210817-0500 Y20210817-1030 Y20210818-0520 Y20210819-0340 Y20210819-0800 Y20210820-0230 Y20210822-0440 Y20210824-0840 Y20210824-0940 Y20210826-0800 Y20210831-0840 Y20210901-0420 Y20210902-0350 Y20210902-0850 Y20210903-0800 Y20210904-0800 Y20210906-0920 Y20210907-0800 Y20210907-0830 Y20210908-0800 Y20210909-0800 Y20210910-0800 Y20210911-0800 Y20210912-0800 Y20210913-0800 Y20210914-0800 Y20210914-1110 Y20210914-1140
  28. 5a1cfc0 Bug 567432 - Remove external tools migration code from 2004 by Lars Vogel · 11 months ago Y20210812-0800
  29. 1660817 Bug 575146 - fix org.eclipse.ant.tests.core.tests in gerrit / IDE by Andrey Loskutov · 11 months ago I20210804-0930 I20210804-1800 I20210805-1800 I20210806-1800 I20210807-1800 I20210808-1800 I20210809-1800 I20210810-1800 I20210811-1800 Y20210804-1030 Y20210805-0800 Y20210810-0500 Y20210810-0820
  30. 0904d5f Bug 575147 - updated ant version to 1.10.11 by Andrey Loskutov · 11 months ago
  31. 92c1ae3 Bug 574667 - Jenkinsfile allow missing log files by Mickael Istria · 12 months ago I20210713-1800 I20210714-1800 I20210715-1800 I20210715-2200 I20210716-0020 I20210716-1800 I20210717-1800 I20210718-1800 I20210719-1800 I20210720-1800 I20210721-0530 I20210721-1800 I20210722-1800 I20210723-1800 I20210724-1800 I20210725-1800 I20210726-1800 I20210727-1800 I20210728-1800 I20210729-0050 I20210729-1800 I20210730-1800 Y20210715-0820 Y20210715-1000 Y20210715-1150 Y20210719-0550 Y20210720-0800 Y20210722-0800 Y20210727-0800 Y20210729-0800 Y20210730-0530
  32. 9474fca Bug 574684 - Add help stubs for 4.21 by Alexander Kurtakov · 12 months ago I20210706-1800 I20210707-0600 I20210707-1800 I20210709-0030 I20210710-0000 I20210710-1800 I20210711-1800 I20210712-0240 I20210712-0340 I20210712-1800 S4_21_0_M1 Y20210706-1050 Y20210708-0800 Y20210713-0800
  33. f5ce753 Bug 574667 - Use Jenkins multibranch pipeline based on Jenkinsfile+Gerrit by Mickael Istria · 12 months ago
  34. 316dabc Bug 573960 - POM and product version change for 4.21 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 1 month ago I20210604-0350 I20210604-0640 I20210604-1020 I20210604-2250 I20210605-1800 I20210606-1800 I20210608-1300 I20210608-1800 I20210608-2130 I20210609-1800 I20210610-1850 I20210611-2000 I20210612-1800 I20210613-1800 I20210614-1800 I20210615-1800 I20210616-1800 I20210617-1800 I20210618-1800 I20210618-1920 I20210619-1800 I20210620-1800 I20210621-1800 I20210622-1800 I20210624-1210 I20210624-1800 I20210625-1800 I20210626-1800 I20210627-1800 I20210628-1800 I20210629-0210 I20210629-1800 I20210630-1800 I20210701-1800 I20210702-1800 I20210703-0600 I20210703-1800 I20210704-0600 I20210704-1800 I20210705-0600 I20210705-1800 I20210706-0600 Y20210608-2330 Y20210611-0900 Y20210614-0420 Y20210615-0900 Y20210615-0910 Y20210622-1150 Y20210623-0320 Y20210629-0800 Y20210630-0230 Y20210630-0410 Y20210701-0800 Y20210706-0800
  35. bbd1ea4 Bug 573958 - Splash screen for 4.21 (2021-09) by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 1 month ago
  36. 9146cee Bug 572447 - Update to Ant 1.10.10 by Sarika Sinha · 1 year, 2 months ago R4_20_maintenance I20210428-0040 I20210428-0330 I20210428-1800 I20210429-0600 I20210429-1800 I20210430-1800 I20210501-1800 I20210502-0730 I20210502-1800 I20210503-1800 I20210504-1800 I20210505-0100 I20210505-0510 I20210505-1800 I20210506-1800 I20210507-1800 I20210508-1800 I20210509-1800 I20210510-1800 I20210511-0200 I20210511-0330 I20210511-0740 I20210511-1800 I20210512-1800 I20210512-2250 I20210513-1800 I20210514-1800 I20210515-0600 I20210515-1800 I20210516-0600 I20210516-1800 I20210517-0600 I20210517-1800 I20210518-0200 I20210518-0600 I20210518-0850 I20210518-1800 I20210519-0600 I20210519-1800 I20210521-0110 I20210521-0150 I20210521-1800 I20210522-0600 I20210522-1800 I20210523-0600 I20210523-1800 I20210524-0600 I20210524-1800 I20210525-0730 I20210525-1800 I20210526-0600 I20210526-1800 I20210526-2310 I20210528-1800 I20210529-0600 I20210529-1800 I20210530-1800 I20210531-0600 I20210531-1800 I20210601-0600 I20210601-1800 I20210602-0600 I20210602-1800 I20210603-0040 I20210609-0220 I20210609-0400 I20210609-0520 I20210610-0400 I20210610-1220 I20210610-1250 I20210611-1600 R4_20 S4_20_0_M3 S4_20_0_RC1 S4_20_0_RC2 S4_20_0_RC2a
  37. f1c8500 [dogfooding][cleanup] Use static inner class clean up by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 3 months ago I20210415-1800 I20210416-0810 I20210416-1800 I20210417-2330 I20210418-1800 I20210420-0240 I20210420-0500 I20210420-1800 I20210421-1800 I20210422-1800 I20210423-0140 I20210423-0350 I20210423-1800 I20210424-1800 I20210425-1800 I20210426-1800 I20210426-2110 I20210427-1800
  38. cee6471 4.20 update for update/org.eclipse.update.configurator by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 3 months ago I20210409-1800 I20210409-2140 I20210410-0630 I20210410-1800 I20210411-1800 I20210412-1800 I20210412-2130 I20210413-1400 I20210413-1800 I20210413-2350 I20210414-0330 I20210414-1800 I20210415-0010
  39. be35f54 Bug 571687 - Splash screen for 4.20 (2021-06) by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 3 months ago I20210329-1800 I20210330-1800 I20210331-1800 I20210402-0510 I20210402-1800 I20210403-0600 I20210403-1800 I20210404-0600 I20210404-1800 I20210405-0600 I20210405-0630 I20210405-0840 I20210405-1800 I20210406-0600 I20210406-1800 I20210407-0040 I20210407-0600 I20210407-1800 S4_20_0_M1
  40. cbeaf80 Apply "Primitive parsing" JDT cleanup to eclipse.platform by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 3 months ago I20210328-1800 I20210329-0200
  41. 9f3af74 Remove redundant type declarations. by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 3 months ago I20210318-2100 I20210318-2320 I20210319-0030 I20210319-1800 I20210320-0650 I20210320-1800 I20210321-0340 I20210321-1800 I20210322-1800 I20210323-0200 I20210323-1240 I20210323-1800 I20210323-2250 I20210324-0320 I20210324-0950 I20210324-1800 I20210325-1800 I20210326-1800 I20210327-1800
  42. b241ad2 Move away of deprecated new Integer() by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 3 months ago
  43. d2f106c Bug 572083 - Move ant bundles to Java 11 BREE by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 3 months ago
  44. 1bdbdc2 Point to 4.20 platform migration docs in welcome page. by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 3 months ago
  45. 52aeb00 Move o.e.platform to Java 11 BREE by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 3 months ago
  46. efc9d28 Bug 571689 - POM and product version change for 4.20 release by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 4 months ago I20210305-0820 I20210308-0720 I20210308-1030 I20210308-1800 I20210309-0500 I20210309-1800 I20210310-0250 I20210310-0620 I20210310-2050 I20210311-1800 I20210312-0840 I20210312-0940 I20210312-1150 I20210312-1410 I20210312-1540 I20210312-1800 I20210312-2010 I20210313-1800 I20210314-1800 I20210315-2050 I20210316-1800 I20210317-0330 I20210317-0650 I20210317-0910 I20210317-1320 I20210317-1850
  47. 6e73306 Bug 571687 - Splash screen for 4.20 (2021-06) by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 4 months ago
  48. a35cbad Bug 571301 - Copyright needs to updated to 2021 by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 4 months ago R4_19_maintenance I20210221-1800 I20210222-0600 I20210222-1800 I20210223-0600 I20210223-0650 I20210223-1800 I20210224-0600 I20210224-0840 I20210224-1800 I20210226-0220 I20210226-1800 I20210226-2140 I20210227-0600 I20210227-1800 I20210228-0600 I20210228-1800 I20210301-0600 I20210301-1800 I20210302-0600 I20210302-0720 I20210302-0930 I20210302-1800 I20210303-0600 I20210303-1800 R4_19 S4_19_0_RC1 S4_19_0_RC2 Y20210221-1000 Y20210222-1000 Y20210223-1050 Y20210224-1000 Y20210225-1000 Y20210226-1000 Y20210227-1000 Y20210228-1000 Y20210301-1000 Y20210303-1000 Y20210304-1000 Y20210305-1000 Y20210306-1000 Y20210307-1000 Y20210309-1000 Y20210310-1000 Y20210311-1000 Y20210312-1000 Y20210312-1250 Y20210312-2250 Y20210313-1000 Y20210314-1000 Y20210315-1000 Y20210316-0510 Y20210316-1310
  49. bf77d28 Bug 571357 - Update JDT and Platform porting guide links for 4.19 in by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 1 year, 4 months ago I20210219-1800 I20210220-0600 I20210220-1800 I20210221-0600 Y20210220-1000
  50. 76fd84d doogfooding use String.join by Carsten Hammer · 1 year, 6 months ago I20210206-1800 I20210207-1800 I20210208-1800 I20210209-1800 I20210210-0910 I20210210-1800 I20210211-1810 I20210212-1840 I20210213-0600 I20210213-1800 I20210214-0600 I20210214-1800 I20210215-0600 I20210215-0700 I20210215-1800 I20210216-0600 I20210216-1030 I20210216-1140 I20210216-1340 I20210216-1800 I20210216-2020 I20210217-0600 I20210217-1800 I20210219-0300 S4_19_0_M3 Y20210209-1200 Y20210210-0100 Y20210210-1200 Y20210211-0600 Y20210211-1200 Y20210212-1200 Y20210213-1200 Y20210214-1000 Y20210215-1020 Y20210216-1000 Y20210217-1000 Y20210218-1000 Y20210219-1000
  51. e08b1d7 Bump version for 4.19 by Carsten Hammer · 1 year, 5 months ago
  52. 6709393 Ant: Don't use AbstractUIPlugin#getDialogSettings by Matthias Becker · 1 year, 5 months ago I20210121-2140 I20210123-0020 I20210123-1800 I20210124-1800 I20210125-1800 I20210126-1800 I20210127-1800 I20210128-1800 I20210129-1800 I20210130-1800 I20210131-1800 I20210201-1800 I20210202-1840 I20210203-1800 I20210204-0300 I20210204-0900 I20210204-1100 I20210204-1300 I20210204-1430 I20210204-1800 I20210204-2320 I20210205-1800 I20210206-0050 I20210206-0720 Y20210123-0110 Y20210126-1200 Y20210127-0710 Y20210129-1200 Y20210202-1200 Y20210205-1200
  53. 2aaace4 Bug 517227 - [Tests] testVerboseStackTrace fails by Sarika Sinha · 1 year, 6 months ago I20210108-1800 I20210109-1830 I20210110-1800 I20210111-1800 I20210112-0850 I20210112-1800 I20210114-0310 I20210114-0510 I20210114-1800 I20210115-1810 I20210116-0340 I20210116-1800 I20210117-1800 I20210117-1940 I20210118-1800 I20210120-1400 I20210120-1800 Y20210112-1200 Y20210113-0120 Y20210115-1200
  54. 8a509de Bug 569316 - Splash screen for 4.19 (2021-03) by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 7 months ago I20201204-0340 I20201204-0610 I20201204-0830 I20201204-1800 I20201205-1800 I20201206-1800 I20201207-1800 I20201208-0300 I20201208-1800 I20201208-2310 I20201209-1800 I20201210-1800 I20201211-1800 I20201212-1800 I20201213-1800 I20201214-1800 I20201215-1800 I20201216-2110 I20201217-1800 I20201218-1800 I20201219-1800 I20201220-1800 I20201221-1800 I20201222-1800 I20201223-1800 I20201224-1800 I20201225-0130 I20201225-0450 I20201225-1800 I20201226-0940 I20201226-1800 I20201227-1800 I20201228-1800 I20201229-1800 I20201230-1800 I20201230-2150 I20201231-1800 I20210101-0720 I20210101-1800 I20210102-0600 I20210102-1800 I20210103-0600 I20210103-1800 I20210104-0600 I20210104-1800 I20210105-0600 I20210105-1800 I20210106-0600 I20210106-1800 I20210108-0220 S4_19_0_M1 Y20201204-1200 Y20201208-1200 Y20201209-0750 Y20201211-1200 Y20201215-1200 Y20201218-1200 Y20201222-1200 Y20201225-1200 Y20201229-0040 Y20201229-1200 Y20210101-1200 Y20210105-1200 Y20210108-1200
  55. 2aaabbd Bug 569318 - POM and product version change for 4.19 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 7 months ago
  56. aa594fd Bug 568875 - Update JDT and Platform porting guide links for 4.18 in Welcome page by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 1 year, 7 months ago R4_18_maintenance I20201120-1800 I20201121-0600 I20201121-1800 I20201122-0600 I20201122-1800 I20201123-0600 I20201123-1800 I20201124-0600 I20201124-1800 I20201125-0600 I20201125-1800 I20201127-0630 I20201127-1010 I20201127-1800 I20201128-0300 I20201128-0600 I20201128-1800 I20201129-0600 I20201129-1800 I20201130-0600 I20201130-1800 I20201201-0600 I20201201-1800 I20201202-0600 I20201202-1800 I20210122-0420 I20210122-0630 I20210122-0800 R4_18 S4_18_0_RC1 S4_18_0_RC2 Y20201120-1200 Y20201124-1200 Y20201127-1200 Y20201201-1200
  57. cb30c6c Stop using deprecated AbstractUIPlugin.getDialogSettings() by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 7 months ago I20201116-1800 I20201117-0600 I20201117-1800 I20201118-0600 I20201118-1800 I20201119-0730 I20201120-0320 S4_18_0_M3 Y20201117-1200
  58. adb7b4b Version bumps for 4.18 stream. by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 7 months ago I20201116-0600
  59. 3bb2c47 Bug 567426 - Update to Ant 1.10.9 by Sarika Sinha · 1 year, 8 months ago I20201109-1800 I20201110-1800 I20201111-1800 I20201112-1800 I20201113-1800 I20201114-0600 I20201114-0740 I20201114-1800 I20201115-0600 I20201115-1800 Y20201109-1200 Y20201110-1200 Y20201111-0210 Y20201113-1200
  60. 3372eee Bug 568204 - Bump version to 3.16 by Alex Blewitt · 1 year, 8 months ago I20201027-1800 I20201027-2350 I20201028-0020 I20201028-0130 I20201028-0610 I20201028-0800 I20201028-1800 I20201029-1800 I20201030-1800 I20201031-1800 I20201101-1800 I20201102-1910 I20201103-0030 I20201103-1800 I20201104-1800 I20201105-0230 I20201105-1800 I20201106-0710 I20201106-1800 I20201107-0750 I20201107-1800 I20201108-1800 Y20201028-1200 Y20201029-1200 Y20201030-1200 Y20201031-1200 Y20201101-1200 Y20201102-1200 Y20201103-1200 Y20201104-1200 Y20201105-1200 Y20201106-1200 Y20201107-1200 Y20201108-1200 Y20201109-0220
  61. 279f09e Bug 568204 - Replace Platform.getBundle with Platform.getLog by Alex Blewitt · 1 year, 8 months ago I20201026-0840 I20201026-1850 Y20201026-1200 Y20201027-1200
  62. d447133 Remove color dispose in Ant ColorManager by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 9 months ago I20200922-1800 I20200924-0340 I20200924-0430 I20200924-1800 I20200925-1800 I20200926-1800 I20200927-1800 I20200928-1800 I20200929-1800 I20200930-1800 I20201001-1800 I20201002-1800 I20201003-0600 I20201003-1800 I20201004-0600 I20201004-1800 I20201005-0600 I20201005-1800 I20201006-0600 I20201006-0840 I20201006-1800 I20201007-0600 I20201007-1320 I20201007-1800 I20201009-0430 I20201009-0800 I20201009-1800 I20201010-1800 I20201011-1800 I20201012-0320 I20201012-0750 I20201012-1800 I20201013-1800 I20201014-1800 I20201015-1800 I20201016-0000 I20201016-1800 I20201017-1800 I20201018-1800 I20201019-1800 I20201020-0240 I20201020-1800 I20201021-0200 I20201021-1800 I20201023-0250 I20201023-1800 I20201024-1800 I20201025-0040 I20201025-1800 I20201026-0650 S4_18_0_M1 S4_18_0_M1a Y20200928-0600 Y20200928-0700 Y20200928-1200 Y20200929-0550 Y20200929-1200 Y20200930-1200 Y20201001-1200 Y20201002-1200 Y20201006-1200 Y20201008-1200 Y20201009-1200 Y20201010-1200 Y20201011-1200 Y20201012-1200 Y20201013-1200 Y20201014-1200 Y20201015-1200 Y20201016-1200 Y20201017-1200 Y20201018-1200 Y20201019-1200 Y20201020-1200 Y20201021-1200 Y20201023-1200 Y20201024-1200 Y20201025-1200
  63. 58b1a2a 4.18 update for org.eclipse.ant.ui by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 9 months ago
  64. 1d2cbe2 Bug 564239 - Resolves ancient TODO about an unnecessary check by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 10 months ago I20200908-0440 I20200908-1800 I20200909-1800 I20200910-0100 I20200910-1800 I20200911-1800 I20200912-0010 I20200912-1800 I20200913-1800 I20200914-1800 I20200915-1800 I20200916-0410 I20200916-1800 I20200917-1800 I20200918-1800 I20200919-1800 I20200920-1800 I20200921-1800
  65. c820a63 Remove unused strings from update/org.eclipse.update.configurator by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 10 months ago
  66. 6bd869c Bug 564239 - Removes manual startup of OSGi in case OSGi ds is not present by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 10 months ago
  67. ac8c8d4 Bug 564239 - Use ds annotation for BundleGroupComponent by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 10 months ago
  68. 30eeab7 4.18 update of org.eclipse.update.configurator by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 10 months ago
  69. 7130a8b Bug 566356 - POM and product version change for 4.18 release by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 10 months ago I20200904-0210 I20200904-0540
  70. da72fec Bug 566354 - Splash screen for 4.18 (2020-12) by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 10 months ago
  71. 03496f7 Bug 566304 - Update JDT and Platform porting guide links for 4.17 in Welcome page by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 1 year, 10 months ago R4_17_maintenance I20200824-1900 I20200825-0600 I20200825-1800 I20200826-0600 I20200826-1800 I20200828-0150 I20200828-1800 I20200829-0600 I20200829-1800 I20200830-0600 I20200830-1800 I20200831-0600 I20200831-1800 I20200901-0600 I20200901-1800 I20200902-0600 I20200902-1800 R4_17 S4_17_0_RC1 S4_17_0_RC2 Y20200824-1310 Y20200825-1200 Y20200901-1200 Y20200903-2210 Y20200907-1200 Y20200908-1200 Y20200909-1200 Y20200910-1200 Y20200911-1200 Y20200912-1200 Y20200913-1200 Y20200914-1200 Y20200915-0150 Y20200915-2240
  72. 351c4a0 Use method reference in ant.ui by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 11 months ago I20200724-1800 I20200726-1800 I20200727-1800 I20200728-1120 I20200728-1800 I20200729-0120 I20200729-1800 I20200730-1800 I20200731-0520 I20200731-1800 I20200731-2040 I20200801-0010 I20200801-1800 I20200803-0210 I20200803-1800 I20200804-1800 I20200805-0630 I20200805-0750 I20200805-1800 I20200806-1800 I20200807-1800 I20200808-0230 I20200808-1800 I20200809-1800 I20200810-1800 I20200811-1800 I20200812-0710 I20200812-1800 I20200813-1800 I20200814-0330 I20200814-0640 I20200814-1040 I20200814-1800 I20200815-0600 I20200815-1800 I20200816-0600 I20200816-1800 I20200817-0450 I20200817-0600 I20200817-0920 I20200817-1800 I20200818-0340 I20200818-0600 I20200818-0900 I20200818-1800 I20200819-0600 I20200819-1800 I20200820-0230 I20200821-0440 I20200821-1800 I20200822-0600 I20200822-1800 I20200823-0600 I20200823-1800 I20200824-0600 S4_17_0_M3 Y20200725-1200 Y20200727-0310 Y20200728-0600 Y20200729-0630 Y20200729-1200 Y20200801-1200 Y20200804-1200 Y20200805-1200 Y20200806-1200 Y20200807-1200 Y20200808-1200 Y20200809-1200 Y20200810-1200 Y20200811-1200 Y20200812-1200 Y20200813-1200 Y20200814-0630 Y20200814-0650 Y20200814-1200 Y20200815-1200 Y20200816-1200 Y20200817-0450 Y20200817-1210 Y20200818-1200 Y20200819-1200 Y20200820-1200 Y20200821-1200 Y20200822-1200 Y20200823-1200
  73. 19acc12 4,17 update of ant/org.eclipse.ant.ui by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 11 months ago I20200724-0600
  74. 45ef4c3 Bug 564117 - Using lazy logical operator by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 1 month ago I20200611-1800 I20200612-0400 I20200612-0650 I20200612-1800 I20200613-1800 I20200614-1800 I20200615-1800 I20200616-0140 I20200616-0320 I20200616-0620 I20200616-1800 I20200617-1800 I20200618-1800 I20200619-1800 I20200620-1800 I20200621-1800 I20200622-1800 I20200623-1010 I20200623-1800 I20200624-1800 I20200625-1800 I20200626-1800 I20200628-1800 I20200629-1800 I20200630-1800 I20200701-0330 I20200701-1800 I20200701-2210 I20200701-2350 I20200702-1800 I20200702-2150 I20200703-1800 I20200704-0600 I20200704-1800 I20200705-0600 I20200705-0710 I20200705-1800 I20200706-0600 I20200706-1800 I20200706-2300 I20200707-0600 I20200707-1800 I20200708-0600 I20200708-1800 I20200710-0230 I20200710-1800 I20200711-1800 I20200711-2250 I20200712-1800 I20200713-1800 I20200713-2230 I20200714-1800 I20200715-1800 I20200716-1800 I20200717-1800 I20200718-1800 I20200719-2010 I20200720-0020 I20200720-0850 I20200720-1800 I20200721-0130 I20200721-0610 I20200721-0950 I20200721-1400 I20200721-1800 I20200722-0610 I20200722-1140 I20200722-1800 I20200723-0620 I20200723-1030 I20200723-1800 S4_17_0_M1 Y20200617-0320 Y20200617-0510 Y20200617-1040 Y20200617-1200 Y20200617-2350 Y20200620-1200 Y20200622-0340 Y20200624-1200 Y20200629-0740 Y20200629-1000 Y20200701-0020 Y20200701-1200 Y20200703-0300 Y20200704-1200 Y20200708-1200 Y20200711-1200 Y20200715-1200 Y20200716-0820 Y20200718-1200 Y20200721-0450 Y20200721-0610 Y20200722-0040 Y20200722-1200
  75. 46dc044 Removes unnecessary whitespace from org.eclipse.ant.tests.ui by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 1 month ago I20200610-1800
  76. 1254ad4 4.17 update of org.eclipse.ant.tests.ui by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 1 month ago
  77. 394cefb Remove whitespace from org.eclipse.ant.launching by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 1 month ago
  78. b40f772 4.17 update of org.eclipse.ant.launching by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 1 month ago
  79. d71f464 Bug 559842: Improve look of Welcome page by Matthias Becker · 2 years, 1 month ago I20200609-1800
  80. 1e547f7 Bug 563838 - Splash screen for 4.17 (2020-09) by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 2 years, 1 month ago
  81. 4d1370e Removes unnecessary whitespace from ant.core by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 1 month ago I20200608-1800 I20200609-0150
  82. 419fdb5 4.17 update for ant.core by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 1 month ago
  83. 5f75d2a Bug 563838 - Splash screen for 4.17 (2020-09) by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 2 years, 1 month ago I20200605-0720 I20200605-0910 I20200605-0950 I20200605-1150 I20200605-1200 I20200605-1230 I20200605-1500 I20200605-2140 I20200606-0050 I20200606-0400 I20200606-0700 I20200606-0910 I20200606-0940 I20200606-1800 I20200607-1800
  84. 4133fb8 Bug 563840 - POM and product version change for 4.17 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 2 years, 1 month ago
  85. 75f8e14 Bug 563574 - Update JDT and Platform porting guide links for 4.16 in by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 2 years, 1 month ago R4_16_maintenance I20200526-0600 I20200526-1800 I20200527-0600 I20200527-1800 I20200528-0000 I20200528-0200 I20200529-0550 I20200530-0600 I20200531-0600 I20200531-1800 I20200601-0140 I20200601-0640 I20200601-1800 I20200602-0010 I20200602-0510 I20200602-0600 I20200602-1800 I20200603-0600 I20200604-0540 R4_16 S4_16_0_RC1 S4_16_0_RC2 Y20200528-0030 Y20200609-0150 Y20200609-2100
  86. 4a27c8a Bug 559027 - Update to Ant 1.10.8 by Sarika Sinha · 2 years, 1 month ago I20200520-0600 I20200520-1800 I20200521-1000 I20200522-1800 I20200523-0600 I20200523-1800 I20200524-0220 I20200524-0600 I20200524-0850 I20200524-1800 I20200525-0640 I20200525-1800 S4_16_0_M3
  87. 60e2b81 Bug 559027 - Update to Ant 1.10.8 by Sarika Sinha · 2 years, 1 month ago I20200519-1800
  88. dbd522d Remove .cvsignore files. by Alexander Kurtakov · 2 years, 2 months ago I20200422-1800 I20200423-1800 I20200424-0540 I20200424-1800 I20200425-1800 I20200426-1800 I20200427-1800 I20200428-0230 I20200428-0610 I20200428-0630 I20200428-1800 I20200428-2300 I20200429-0600 I20200429-1800 I20200501-0520 I20200501-1800 I20200502-1800 I20200503-1800 I20200504-1800 I20200505-1800 I20200506-1800 I20200509-0450 I20200509-0600 I20200509-1800 I20200510-1800 I20200511-0700 I20200511-1800 I20200512-1800 I20200513-1800 I20200514-1800 I20200515-1930 I20200516-0600 I20200518-1800 I20200518-2220 I20200519-1010 I20200519-1130 Y20200427-2330 Y20200428-0140 Y20200428-0250 Y20200428-2310 Y20200429-0730 Y20200430-0210
  89. cc274e7 Bug 553853 - Splash screen for 4.16 (2020-06) by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200414-0630 I20200414-1010 I20200415-0200 I20200415-0620 I20200415-1800 I20200416-0410 I20200416-1800 I20200417-1800 I20200418-1800 I20200419-1800 I20200420-1800 I20200421-1800
  90. d9317ed Bug 562072 - Remove dependency on icu from o.e.ant.ui by Alexander Kurtakov · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200413-1800
  91. ba02008 Bug 561903 - Remove com.ibm.icu.text from org.eclipse.ant.launching by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200410-1800 I20200410-2300 I20200411-0300 I20200411-0510 I20200411-0720 I20200411-0950 I20200411-1800 I20200412-1800
  92. 9df108d Bug 560870 - Need a new temporary splash screen for 4.16 by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200409-0200 S4_16_0_M1
  93. 9d1a773 Bug 560799 - Using incorrect property can lead to class cast exception by Sarika Sinha · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200401-1800 I20200402-0410 I20200402-0850 I20200402-1800 I20200402-2250 I20200403-1800 I20200404-0330 I20200404-0600 I20200404-1220 I20200404-1800 I20200405-0600 I20200405-1800 I20200406-0120 I20200406-0350 I20200406-0600 I20200406-1800 I20200407-0120 I20200407-1210 I20200407-1800 I20200408-0600 I20200408-1800
  94. 933de88 Revert "Clean-up use lambdas and method references in Ant" by Andrey Loskutov · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200323-1800 I20200324-1800 I20200325-1800 I20200326-1800 I20200327-1800 I20200328-1800 I20200329-1800 I20200330-1800 I20200331-1800
  95. 2f381e9 Clean-up use lambdas and method references in Ant by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 3 months ago
  96. 6f901c1 Revert "Remove redundant type information from ant.launching" by Andrey Loskutov · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200322-1150 I20200322-1800
  97. b9e2d50 Remove redundant type information from ant.launching by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200320-1800 I20200321-0440 I20200321-1800 I20200322-0300
  98. a5ec514 4.16 update for ant.launching by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200319-1800
  99. 30d3acc Use size on map directly by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200319-0550
  100. d0bca2f 4.16 update of ant/org.eclipse.ant.ui by Lars Vogel · 2 years, 3 months ago I20200318-1400 I20200318-1800