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% Regenerating the Help Plug-in
%{\scriptsize Last modified }
Photran's User's Guide and Advanced Features Guide are maintained on the Eclipse wiki (see the
``Documentation'' link on Photran's Web site.) However, to accommodate users without Internet
access, the documentation is also available in Eclipse Online Help; Photran supplies this via
the org.eclipse.photran.doc.user plug-in.
The content in the org.eclipse.photran.doc.user plug-in is \textit{automatically generated} from
the markup on the Eclipse wiki. Before a release, assuming the wiki was edited, this content
must be regenerated from the revised wiki markup according to the following procedure.
\item Check out the WikiToEclipse project from Subversion. See Appendix~\ref{app:uiuc}.
\item Go to the Eclipse wiki, and ``Edit'' the Photran User's Guide. Copy the wiki markup into
\textit{input/basic} in the WikiToEclipse project. Similarly, edit the Advanced Features
Guide, and copy the wiki markup into \textit{input/advanced}. (These are both ordinary
text files.)
\item If there are any new images, copy them into \textit{input/images} in the WikiToEclipse
project. It is perhaps easiest to view the ``Printable'' version of each wiki page in
Firefox, and save it as ``Web Page (complete)'' (this will save it and all referenced
images); however, this will also include some irrelevant images from the Eclipse Wiki
(e.g., the ``search'' icon) and some CSS and JavaScript, so those should be deleted.
\item Edit the Main class in the WikiToEclipse project. Make sure the plug-in version number
is correct.
\item Run the Main class. If the parser fails, there is probably a problem with the wiki
markup (e.g., unclosed double-quotes for italics).
\item Overwrite the contents of the org.eclipse.photran.doc.user project from CVS with the
generated content. This can be done, for example, by using rsync as follows (don't
forget the final slashes on the end of the doc.user directory names!).
rsync -av --delete --cvs-exclude \
/your/workspace/WikiToEclipse/output/org.eclipse.photran.doc.user/ \
\item Proofread the generated content by launching a runtime workspace and viewing the online
help. A common problem is HTML tags appearing literally in the output because, for
example, the tool converted ``$<$ol$>$'' to ``\&lt;ol\&gt;''. If this happens, modify the
WikiToEclipse class \textit{} (around line 300) to make the
appropriate replacement.