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% Running Photran's Automated Test Suite
{\scriptsize Last modified April 28, 2010}
\item In the Package Explorer view, select the \texttt{org.eclipse.photran.core.vpg.tests} project.
\item Right-click on that project and select Run As $>$ Run Configurations\ldots. A dialog will appear.
\item In that dialog, create a new \textbf{JUnit Plug-in Test} launch configuration. Call it ``Photran-Tests''.
\item For the configuration that you have just created, switch to the ``Arguments'' tab.
\item Change the ``VM arguments'' field to \texttt{-ea -Xms40m -Xmx512m}
\item Switch to the ``Environment'' tab.
\item \textit{(Optional)} If you are running Linux or Mac OS X and have gfortran installed,
some of Photran's refactoring unit tests can attempt to compile
and run the Fortran test programs before and after the refactoring in order
to ensure that the refactoring actually preserves behavior (and produces
code that compiles). The following steps will enable this behavior.
Note, however, that if the path to gfortran is incorrect, or if gfortran
cannot be run successfully, it will cause the test suite to fail\dots
so you might not want to do this the very first time you attempt to run
the test suite.
\item Create a new environment variable called \texttt{COMPILER} with the full
path to gfortran. This will be something like
\item Create a new environment variable called \texttt{EXECUTABLE} with a
path to some non-existent file in your home directory, e.g.,
\texttt{/Users/joverbey/a.out}. When gfortran is run, it will write
the executable to this path.
%\item[] \textit{When both of these environment variables are set, you will be able
% to see the output from the compiler and the Fortran program in the Console
% view as the test suite runs. If compilation fails, or if the Fortran program
% exits with a nonzero status code, or if the Fortran program does not produce
% the same output before and after refactoring, the corresponding JUnit test
% will fail. See the JavaDoc for the method
% \texttt{RefactoringTestCase\#compileAndRunFortranProgram} for more details.}
\item Click the ``Run'' button to run the tests. It will take at least a minute to run
the test suite. When it finishes, you should get a green bar in the JUnit view.
If you get a red bar, some of the tests failed; the JUnit view will have details.
\item To run the tests again later, just launch the
``Photran-Tests'' configuration from the Eclipse Run menu.
%\noindent\textit{\textbf{Note.} Some parser tests will attempt to look for closed-source
%code that you may not have. A warning will appear in the JUnit runner if this code is not
%available, but all tests should still pass.
%UIUC personnel: See the appendix \textit{Additional Information for UIUC Personnel} in the
%\textit{Photran Developer's Guide} for more information.}
\noindent\textit{\textbf{Note.} UIUC personnel: See the appendix
``Additional Information for UIUC Personnel'' in the
\textit{Photran Developer's Guide} for information on additional unit test cases.}