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% Additional Information for UIUC Personnel
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\framebox{\parbox{5.5in}{\textit{The following information is only of interest
to developers in the Department of Computer Science at the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.}}}
\section{Photran Subversion Repository at UIUC}
A private Subversion repository for internal testing and research work is
provided by TSG at the above URL. \textit{You will only be able to access
this repository if you have specifically been granted access.} The repository
requires authentication using your NetID and Kerberos password.
To access a Subversion repository from Eclipse, you must install an additional
Eclipse plug-in (either Subclipse or Subversive).
Currently, this repository contains the following.
\textbf{Large Fortran test codes (photran-projects).}
Checking these out into your workspace will enable about 6,000 additional
test cases in the JUnit test suite. \textit{These applications are PRIVATE.
They may NOT be distributed and are intended only for testing Photran.}
\textbf{Sample Obfuscation refactoring (sample-refactoring).}
The sample refactoring described in Appendix~\ref{app:obfuscate_refactoring}.
\textbf{Refactoring tools for PHP, Lua, and BC.}
Prototype Eclipse-based refactoring tools based on the Rephraser Engine.
\section{Photran Web Site at UIUC}
TSG provides a Web hosting infrastructure based on the popular CPanel system
and has set up a web hosting account for Photran.
This hosting environment supports PHP, MySQL databases, CGI
scripts, and a number of other popular web technologies.
Documentation for these features is provided in the control
panel. You can access your web content via the control panel,
SSH, or WebDAV.
Here are the account details:
web URL:
control panel:
SSH access:
web root: ~/public_html