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This project is used to build JARs containing the database infrastructure used
in CDT's indexer. These JARs are:
Copied into org.eclipse.photran.core
Depends on the Eclipse Platform to provide CoreException and similar classes
Currently unused
Uses mock objects to provide CoreException and similar classes
To build the JAR files:
1. Make sure the code has compiled successfully within the Eclipse IDE. (The build script simply JARs the .class files
from the project's bin directory; it does not recompile them.)
2. Right-click build/cdtdb-4.0.3.xml in the Package Explorer, and choose Run As > Ant Build
3. Right click the org.eclipse.photran-support project, and click Refresh.
4. Right-click distrib/cdtdb-4.0.3-eclipse.jar, and click Copy.
5. Right-click on the org.eclipse.photran.core.vpg/lib folder, and click Paste to paste it into that folder,
overwriting the existing JAR.
Version information:
JO 10/4/07:
CDT files copied from CDT 4.0.1 (
Eclipse files copied from Eclipse 3.3.0 (Build id: I20070621-1340) for Mac OS X
Only the necessary fields/methods from CCorePlugin were copied; all other files were copied verbatim in their entirety.
JO 06/09/08:
Classes in internal.core.pdom.db updated to CDT 4.0.3 (from cdt_4_0 branch). Changes to Database class (and file
format?) in CDT 5.0 are causing problems.
JO 0628/10:
Modified the Database class to fix Bug 318197. (The modified block is labeled JO.)