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pluginName=Photran CDT Interface Plug-in Error Parser for IBM XL Fortran Error Parser for GNU Fortran (gfortran) = Fortran = Fortran = Fortran = Fortran Projects = Fortran = Fortran Project
wizard.description = Create a new Fortran project = Fortran Source File
wizard.description.0 = Create a new source file = File
wizard.description.1 = Create a new file (not necessarily source code) = Fortran Source Folder
wizard.description.2 = Create a new folder intended to contain source code = Folder
wizard.description.3 = Create a new folder (not necessarily containing source code)
actionSet.description = Fortran Element Creation Action Set
actionSet.label = Fortran Element Creation
action.label = &Source File...
action.tooltip = New Source File
action.label.0 = &Source Folder...
action.tooltip.0 = New Source Folder
action.label.1 = &Project...
action.tooltip.1 = New Compiled Language Project
action.label.2 = Convert to Fortran Project = Model Builder = DOM Parser
CApplicationShortcut.label=Local Fortran Application
ContextualRunCApplication.description=Runs a local Fortran application
ContextualDebugCApplication.description=Debugs a local Fortran application