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! This demonstrates an inconsistency in the handling of modules with renaming.
! J. Overbey 8 Apr 2010
module m1; implicit none
integer :: m
end module
module m2; use m1; implicit none
integer :: n
end module
program test
! There is ambiguity in the Fortran 95 standard as to how the following
! statement should be handled. According to Section 11.3.2:
! "Two or more accessible entities, other than
! generic interfaces, may have the same name only if
! the name is not used to refer to an entity in the
! scoping unit."
! The question is what "refer to" means. If you
! interpret this to mean, "The name has no references,"
! then compilation should succeed. If you interpret it to mean,
! "There are no other declarations/entities with that
! name," then compilation should fail.
! GNU Fortran 4.4.2: Compilation succeeds.
! IBM XL Fortran 12.1: Compilation fails: "Identifier "x" to be used as the
! the local name in a rename, has already been used
! to access another entity by use-association. This
! rename will not be done."
! Intel Fortran 10.1: Compilation fails: "There is more than one use-name
! for a local-name. [X]"
! PGI Fortran 10.0: Compilation succeeds.
use m2, x => n, x => m
implicit none
print *, "Hi"
end program