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This project is used to build JARs containing the database infrastructure used
in CDT's indexer. These JARs are:
Copied into org.eclipse.rephraserengine.core; used by the Rephraser engine
Depends on the Eclipse Platform to provide CoreException and similar classes
Currently unused
Uses mock objects to provide CoreException and similar classes
To build the JAR files:
1. Make sure the code has compiled successfully within the Eclipse IDE. (The build script simply JARs the .class files
from the project's bin directory; it does not recompile them.)
2. Right-click build/cdtdb-4.0.3.xml in the Package Explorer, and choose Run As > Ant Build
3. Right click the org.eclipse.rephraserengine-support project, and click Refresh.
4. Right-click distrib/cdtdb-4.0.3-eclipse.jar, and click Copy.
5. Right-click on the org.eclipse.rephraserengine.core project, and click Paste to paste it into the project root,
overwriting the existing JAR.
Version information:
JO 10/4/07:
CDT files copied from CDT 4.0.1 (
Eclipse files copied from Eclipse 3.3.0 (Build id: I20070621-1340) for Mac OS X
Only the necessary fields/methods from CCorePlugin were copied; all other files were copied verbatim in their entirety.
JO 06/09/08:
Classes in internal.core.pdom.db updated to CDT 4.0.3 (from cdt_4_0 branch). Changes to Database class (and file
format?) in CDT 5.0 are causing problems.
JO 0628/10:
Modified the Database class to fix Bug 318197. (The modified block is labeled JO.)