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Building RAP
We use tycho [1] to build RAP.
You'll need:
* Git
* Maven 3.0
* network access
Clone the RAP repository.
git clone git://
This command will create a new directory `org.eclipse.rap` and create a local copy of the RAP
repository in this directory.
RAP Runtime
Run maven on the runtime directory in the releng project
cd org.eclipse.rap/releng/org.eclipse.rap.releng/runtime
mvn clean package
The runtime repository will be created in runtime-repository/target
Note: this command creates the rap.runtime feature which contains only the RAP artifacts.
The build for the basic target requirements resides in the project
RAP Tooling
Run maven on the tooling directory in the releng project
cd org.eclipse.rap/releng/org.eclipse.rap.releng/tooling
mvn clean package
The tooling repository will be created in tooling-repository/target