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org.json is a popular Java library to parse and create JSON strings. It is
written by the author of the JSON standard, Douglas Crockford. This is a
clean-room implementation of the org.json code. It was created by the Android
team and can be used instead of the original one, as it provides a nearly
identical API. It is released under the Apache 2.0 license (see the LICENSE
file for details). By avoiding the the good vs. evil clause of the original
license at it is considered "free software".
This module is an extract of the "org.json" relevant code from the Android
project. The code was originally cloned on 2015-04-29 from:
The Android Open Source Project
- Original author (libandroid-json-org-jav)
- Clean-room reimplementation of org.json Java library
BSI Business Systems Integration AG:
- Wrapped org.json packages in Maven module, added POM with Scout as parent
- JSONException extends RuntimeException instead of Exception.
- Applied Scout code formatting rules
- Disabled/fixed failing JUnit tests (ParsingTest.test64BitHexValues, JSONObjectTest.test_wrap)
Eclipse IP review: CQ# 9651