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AddAdditionalResources1=WSDL port and binding definitions as well as schema types might be located in separate files.\n Add those related resources.
AddAdditionalResources=Add additional resources
AddBindingFile=Add binding file
AddHandler=Add handler
AddRelatedFiles=Add related files
AdditionalResources=Additional resources
AliasXAlreadyExists=There already exists an alias with the name {0}.
AnnotateImplClass=Annotate implementing class with {0} Annotation
AnnotationXWithPropertyYRequired=Type must be annotated with @{0} annotation with the property '{1}' set.
ArtefactPackage=Artefact package
AuthenticationAndSesDescriptionCredentialValidatinStrategysionHandling=Authentication and session handling
AuthenticationAndSessionContext=Authentication and session context
AuthenticationHandler=Authentication Handler
AuthenticationHandlers=Authentication Handlers
AuthenticationMechanism=Authentication mechanism
BindingFile=Binding file
BindingFileXCouldNotBeFound=Binding file '{0}' could not be found.
BindingFileXIsNotAValidXMLFile=Binding file '{0}' is not a valid XML file.
BrowseForType=Browse for a type
BrowseForWsdlFile=Browse for a WSDL file
BuildProperties=Build properties
BuildStubInDebugMode=Build stub in DEBUG-mode
ByClickingFinishHandlerIsCreated=By clicking finish, the handler is created.
ByClickingFinishSourceFolderIsCreated=By clicking finish, the source folder is created.
ByClickingFinishXIsCreated=By clicking finish, the {0} is created.
ByConventionXShouldByY=By convention, the '{0}' should be '{1}'
ByConventionXShouldStartWithY=By convention, the '{0}' should start with '{1}'
ChangeJaxWsAlias=Change webservice servlet alias
ChangeJaxWsAliasByClicking=Change the webservice servlet alias by clicking
ChangeJaxWsServletRegistration=Change JAX-WS servlet registration
ChangeUrlOfWsdl=Change the URL to which the web service's WSDL is published
ChangeUrlPatternOrJaxWsServletRegistration=Change URL pattern or JAX-WS Servlet registration
ChooseFolder=Choose folder
ChooseFolderForWsdlFileAndArtefacts=Choose the folder for the WSDL file and its artefacts to be copied
ChoosePackageForHandler=Choose package for handler class
ChoosePackageForImplementingClass=Choose package for implementing class
ChoosePackageForWsConsumer=Choose package for webservice consumer
ChoosePackageForX=Choose package for {0} class
ChooseType=Choose type
ChooseWsdlFile=Choose the WSDL file to be used
ChooseWsdlFileFromFilesystem=Choose WSDL file from filesystem
ChooseWsdlFromUrl=Choose WSDL from URL
ChooseXY=Choose {0}
CleanupPhantomStubFiles=Cleanup phantom stub JAR files
CleanupUnreferencedJarFiles=Cleanup phantom stub JAR files
CleanupUnreferencedJarFilesByClicking=Cleanup phantom stub JAR files by clicking
ClearPackage=Clear package and subpackages prior to stub generation
ClickFinishToCreateDirective=Click finish to create build directive
ClickNextToContinue=Click next to continue
ClickToAddAdditionalResources=Click to add related resources like XSD schemas or related WSDL files located in separate files
ClickToBrowseForAnotherPackage=Click to browse for another package
ClickToCreateNewSourceFolder=Click to create a new source folder
ClickToCreatePackageXY=Click to create package '{0}'
ClickToFixTheProblems=Click to fix the problems.
ClickToGenerateWsStub=Click to rebuild the webservice stub
ClickToIncreasePrecendence=Click to give the handler a higher precedence
ClickToLowerPrecendence=Click to give the handler a lower precedence
ConfigureFilterForHandlerChain=Configure a filter for handler chain
ConfigureImplementingClass=Configure Webservice Implementing Class
ConfigureJaxWsAlias=Configure the alias the webservices should be accessable at.
ConfigureJaxWsServletRegistration=Configure JAX-WS servlet registration
ConfigureWebServiceStub=Configure Webservice Stub
ConfigureWebserviceProperties=Configure Webservice Properties
ConsiderLinks=Consider the following links
ConventionPackageNameEqualsToTargetNamespaceX=By specifying a custom package name, JAX-WS is instrumented to not apply the default package name algorithm and to ignore any WSDL and schema binding customization for package name.
CorruptWSDLFileAtLocationX=Corrupt WSDL file at location '{0}'
CouldNotDownloadWSDLFile=Could not download WSDL file.
CreateBindingFile=Create binding file to control stub generation process
CreateHandler=Create a New Handler
CreateImplClass=Create implementing class
CreateImplClassTitle=Create Implementing Class
CreateNewHandlerByClicking=Create a new Handler by clicking
CreateNewPackage=Create new package
CreateNewSourceFolder=Create new source folder
CreateNewType=Create new type
CreateNewWsConsumerByClicking=Create a new Webservice Consumer by clicking
CreateNewWsProviderByClicking=Create a new Webservice Provider by clicking
CreateNewX=Create new {0}
CreateNewXByClicking=Create a new {0} by clicking
CreateSourceFolder=Create new source folder
CreateWebserviceStub=Create Webservice stub
CreateWsConsumer=Create a New Webservice Consumer
CreateWsProvider=Create a New Webservice Provider
CreateWsdlFile=Create a New WSDL file
CreateWsdlFromScratch=Create WSDL file from scratch
CreationOfTemporyFileFailed=Could not create temporary file for WSDL
CredentialValidation1=Credential Validation
CredentialValidation=Credential validation
CredentialValidationStrategies=Credential Validation Strategies
CredentialValidationStrategy=Credential validation strategy
CredentialsRequired=Credentials for authentication required.
DeleteWebServiceProvider=Delete Webservice Provider
DeleteWebserviceConsumer=Delete Webservice Consumer
DeriveOtherNamesFormPortTypeChosen=Derive other names from port type chosen
DeriveOtherNamesFormWsdlFileName=Derive other names from WSDL file name
DescriptionAuthenticationHandlerConsumer=Authentication handlers include user credentials into the outbound message in the form of the handler's authentication mechanism.
DescriptionAuthenticationHandlerProvider=Authentication handlers intercept inbound messages to only allow authenticated requests to pass.\nIf no user credentials is provided, they challenge the client based on their authentication mechanism for some credentials.
DescriptionAuthenticationMechanism=Which authentication mechanism should be installed?
DescriptionBuildDirectives=Control the stub generation process by configuring some build directives
DescriptionChangeJaxWsServletAlias=Please note that by changing the servlet's alias the URL pattern of all webservices published by the chosen servlet are updated accordingly.\r\nE.g. if having webservices in another bundle using this JAX-WS servlet registration, their URL patterns are changed as well.
DescriptionCredentialValidatinStrategy=Credential validation strategies encapsulates logic to validate user's credentials against a strategy such as database, config.ini, LDAP or others.\r\nThey are used in conjunction with an authentication mechanism represented by an authentication handler.
DescriptionCredentialValidationValidation=How should user's credentials be validated?
DescriptionHandlerChainFilter=Configure a filter to optionally apply the handler chain to specific protocols, services and ports
DescriptionHandlerSession=Specify the session to be used for the transaction
DescriptionHandlers=Handlers are message interceptors that are plugged in to the JAX-WS runtime to do additional processing of the inbound and outbound messages.
DescriptionJaxWsBundleConfiguration=Choose the bundle to register JAX-WS servlet and specify the servlet's alias
DescriptionScoutWebServiceAnnotation=By using {0} annotation, webservice calls can easily be authenticated and to be configured to run within a server session.
DescriptionScoutWebServiceClientAnnotation=By using {0} annotation, the authentication mechanism can be specified.
DescriptionServerSerssionFactory=Server session factories are used to create a server session for webservice providers and transational handlers to run in session scope.
DescriptionSessionFactory=Specify a factory to define the strategy of which session to be used for authenticated requests.
DescriptionTaskMoveFiles=Use this task to move the WSDL file and related resources into the folder '{0}'.
DirectiveXMustBeUnique=There is already configured a directive with the given name '{0}'
DiscouragedPortConfigurationNoPortFoundInWSDLFileX=Discouraged port configuration\: No port found in WSDL file '{0}'.
DiscouragedServiceConfigurationMissingOrIinvalidQNameInAttributeX=Discouraged service configuration\: Missing or invalid QName in attribute '{0}'.
DoYouWantToChangePerspective=Do you want to change perspective to view folder content?
DocumentLiteralWrapped=Document/literal wrapped
EditBuildProperties=Edit build properties
EditFilter=Edit filter
EditFilterXActive=Edit filter ({0} active)
EndpointPublishConfiguration=Endpoint publish configuration
EnterJaxWsAlias=Please enter a valid webservice servlet alias
EnterNameForSourceFolderToBeCreated=Enter a name for the source folder to be created.
EnterSourceFolder=Please enter the source folder to be created
FailedToDeleteFile=Failed to delete file
FailedToDeleteFileX=Failed to delete file '{0}'. Please ensure the file not be locked.
FailedToDeriveStubPackageNameFromTargetNamespace=Failed to derive stub package name from targetNamespace '{0}' specified in WSDL file. Please ensure the WSDL file to be valid.
FailedToDeriveStubPackageNameFromTargetNamespaceWSDLNotValid=Failed to derive stub package name from targetNamespace as WSDL file is not valid.
FileChosenFromFilesystemDoesNotExist=File chosen from filesytem does not exist
FileDoesNotExistOrIsCorrupt=File does not exist or is corrupt
FilterXInstalledForHandlerChain=There is a '{0}' configured for this handler chain.\nTo change the filter, click on '{1}'.
FullyQualifiedName=Fully qualified name
GenerateWsStubByClicking=Rebuild the webservice stub by clicking
HandlerChain=Handler Chain
HandlerChainFilter=Handler chain filter
HandlerChainNewAction=Add handler chain
HandlerChainRemoveAction=Remove handler chain
HandlerChainX=Handler Chain '{0}'
HandlerChains=Handler chains
HandlerRegistration=Handler Registration
HintForOptionalFilter=An optional filter can be configured to only apply the handlers of this chain to certain protocol, servcies or ports
ImplementationTypeName=Implementation type name
ImplementationTypePackage=Implementation type package
ImportedIncludedXsdSchemas=Imported / included XSD schemas
ImportedXsdSchemas=Imported XSD schemas
IncludedXsdSchemas=Included XSD schemas
InvalidEndpointInterfaceSpecified=Invalid 'endpointInterface' specified on @{0} annotation of port type {1}.
InvalidImplementationType=Invalid implementation type
InvalidJAXWSPortTypeConfiguredInSuperMustBeAnnotatedWithY=Invalid JAX-WS port type configured in super type generic parameter [must be annotated with '{0}'].\r\nPlease make sure, that the build directive 'Xnocompile' is not set to have the *.class files being generated.\r\nMaybe, the webservice stub is out of date. Try to rebuild the webservice stub.
InvalidJavaType=Specified Java type {0} is not valid.
InvalidPortTypeInSuperGenericParameter=Invalid JAX-WS port type configured in super type generic parameter [must be annotated with '{0}']\t
InvalidPortTypeInWsdl=Invalid JAX-WS port type configured in super type generic parameter [must be annotated with '{0}']. Please make sure, that the build directive 'Xnocompile' is not set to have the *.class files being generated.\r\nMaybe, the webservice stub is out of date. Try to rebuild the webservice stub.
InvalidServiceConfigurationMissingOrInvalidQNameInAttributeX=Invalid service configuration\: Missing or invalid QName in attribute '{0}'.
InvalidServiceInSuperTypeGenericParameter=Invalid JAX-WS service configured in super type generic parameter [must be of type '{0}' and be annotated with '{1}']
InvalidServiceInWsdl=Invalid JAX-WS service configured in super type generic parameter [must be of type '{0}' and be annotated with '{1}'].\r\nPlease make sure, that the build directive 'Xnocompile' is not set to have the *.class files being generated.\r\nMaybe, the webservice stub is out of date. Try to rebuild the webservice stub.
InvalidServletAliasX=Invalid servlet alias '{0}'
InvalidSourceFolder=Invalid source folder name
InvalidUrlX=Invalid URL '{0}'
InvalidValue=Invalid value
JarFileXOfWsYMustBeOnClasspath=Stub JAR file '{0}' of webservice '{1}' must be on project classpath
JaxWsAlias=Webservice servlet alias
JaxWsCannotDerivePackageNameFromTargetNamespace=JAX-WS cannot derive Java package name from target namespace. Please define a custom package name.
JaxWsDeploymentDescriptor=JAX-WS deployment descriptor
JaxWsPortTypeInterface=JAX-WS Port type interface
JaxWsPreferences=JAX-WS Preferences
JaxWsProperties=JAX-WS properties
JaxWsServletRegistration=JAX-WS Servlet registration
JaxWsServletRegistrationInBundleX=JAX-WS servlet registration in bundle '{0}'.
KeepLaunchConfiguration=Keep launch configuration of stub generation
LowerCaseTypeName=\ Type name is discouraged. By convention, Java type names usually start with an uppercase letter
MissingAnnotationOnEndpointInterface=The Endpoint Interface {0} does not have @{1} annotation.
MissingAnnotationOnPortType=Missing @{0} annotation on port type {1}.
MissingBuildEntryInFileX=Missing build entry in file '{0}'.
MissingNameForImplementingClass=No name for implementing class specified.
MissingOrEmptyAttributeX=Missing or empty attribute '{0}'.
MissingPropertyXOnAnnotationYToLinkThePortTypeWithTheRespectivePortTypeInterface=Missing property '{0}' on @{1} annotation to link the port type with the respective PortType interface.
MoveReferencedXToY=Move referenced {0} to '{1}'
MoveWsdlFileAndArtefacts=Move WSDL file and its artefacts to another folder
MoveXToY=Move {0} to '{1} '
MovingFiles=Moving files
MultipleGlobalBindingDefinitionsFoundOnlyOneAllowed=Multiple global binding definitions found, but only 1 is allowed per webservice compilation.
NamespacePrefix=Namespace prefix
NoClassSpecified=No {0} class specified.
NoFilter=No filter
NoPhantomJarFilesFound=No phantom stub JAR files found
NoPortTypesFound=No port types found. Please ensure the webservice stub to be built.
NoServiceFoundInWSDLFileX=No service found in WSDL file '{0}'
NoServicesFound=No services found. Please ensure the webservice stub to be built.
NoWSDLFileConfigured=No WSDL file configured.
NonExistingBindingFileConfigured=Non existing binding file configured.
NullValuesDiscouraged=It is discouraged not to set a value for '{0}'
PackageDoesNotExistClickOnLinkToCreate=Package does not exist. Click on label link to create it.
PackageDoesNotExistWSOutOfDateRebuild=Package does not exist. Maybe, the webservice stub is out of date. Try to rebuild the webservice stub.
PackageNameMustNotBeEmpty=Package name is not allowed to be empty. Change package name by specifying the build option \\"-b\\" accordingly.
PackageNameNotValidJavaPackageName=Package name is not a valid Java package name. Change package name by specifying the build option \\"-b\\" accordingly. [{0}]
PleaseChooseFileFromFilesystem=Please choose file from filesystem
PleaseChoosePortType=Please choose a port type.
PleaseChoosePortTypeInterface1=Please choose a port type interface.
PleaseChoosePortTypeInterface=Please choose the port type interface from the list
PleaseChooseServiceType=Please choose a service type.
PleaseEnterValidUrl=Please enter valid URL
PortFilter=Port filter
PortType=Port type
PortTypeInterface=Port type interface
PortTypeXNotFoundInStubJarY=The generated stub class for the port type '{0}' could not be found in JAR file '{1}'.\r\nPlease make sure, that the build directive 'Xnocompile' is not set to have the *.class files being generated.\r\nMaybe, the webservice stub is out of date. Try to rebuild the webservice stub.
PortTypeXNotFoundInWsdl=Port type '{0}' configured in super type generic parameter could not be found in WSDL file.
ProtocolBindings=Protocol bindings
ProtocolFilter=Protocol filter
QuestionClearPackageFolderX=Should package folder '{0}' be cleared prior to stub generation?
QuestionDeletion=By clicking Finish all the selected resources will be deleted.\r\nDo you want to continue?
QuestionMove=By clicking Finish the selected resources are moved or changed.\r\nDo you want to continue?
QuestionMoveFiles=Should the following files be moved to '{0}'?
QuestionReferencedFilesFound=Your WSDL file depends on other files such as XSD schemas or related WSDL files.\r\nPlease choose from the files to be copied.
QuestionRemoveHandlerChain=Should the handler chain be removed?
QuestionShouldFileXAlsoBeDeletedFromDisk=Should file '{0}' be deleted from disk?
RebuildWebserviceStub=Rebuild webservice stub
ReferencedFilesFound=Referenced files found
ReferencedWsdlDefintions=Referenced WSDL definitions
ReferencedXsdSchemas=Referenced XSD schemas
RefreshByClicking=Refresh by clicking
RegisterImplClassInSunJaxWs=Register implementing class in sun-jaxws.xml to be installed as webservice
ReloadResourcesFromDisk=Reload associated resources and definitions from disk
RemoveChain=Remove chain
RemoveHandlerChain=Remove handler chain
RepairRequired=Manual repair required
RepairTools=Repair tools
RestrictionPattern=Restriction pattern
RunHandlerInScoutTransaction=Run handler in Scout transaction
SectionDescriptionScoutWebServiceAnnotation=Specify strategies to authenticate webservice requests and to control session allocation
SectionRepairDescription=There were encountered some problems.
SelectAll=Select all
SelectSourceFolder=Please select a source folder.
ServerSessionFactories=Server session factories
ServerSessionFactory=Server session factory
ServiceCouldNotBeFoundInWSDLmodel=Service could not be found in WSDL model.
ServiceFilter=Service filter
ServiceName=Service name
ServiceNamespaceMustEndWithASlash=Service namespace must end with a slash.
ServiceOperation=Service operation name
ServiceTypeXNotFoundInStubJarY=The generated stub class for the service '{0}' could not be found in JAR file '{1}'.\r\nPlease make sure, that the build directive 'Xnocompile' is not set to have the *.class files being generated.\r\nMaybe, the webservice stub is out of date. Try to rebuild the webservice stub.
ServiceXNotFoundInWsdl=Service '{0}' configured in super type generic parameter could not be found in WSDL file.
ServletAlias=Servlet alias
ServletRegistrationBundle=Servlet registration bundle
SessionFactories1=Session Factories
SessionFactories=Session factories
SessionFactory=Session factory
SourceFolder=Source Folder
SourceFolderAlreadyExsists=Source folder does already exists.
SourceFolderMustNotBeEmpty=Source folder must not be empty
SourceFolderXDoesNotExist=Source folder '{0}' does not exist.
SpecifyUrlOfWsdl=Specify the URL to which the web service's WSDL is published
SpecifyWsdlLocation=Specify WSDL Location
StubFolder=Stub folder
StubFolderMustNotBeEmpty=Stub folder must not be empty
StubFolderXDoesNotExist=Stub folder '{0}' does not exist.
StubGenerationFailed=Webservice stub generation failed
StubJar=Stub JAR
StubPackage=Stub package
StubProperties=Stub properties
TargetNamespace=Target namespace
TargetNamespaceMustBeValudUrl=TargetNamespace must be a valid URL.
TheEndpointInterfaceConfiguredWithinAnnotationXDoesNotExistOrIsNotImplementedByThisEndpoint=The endpoint interface configured within @{0} annotation does not exist or is not implemented by this endpoint.
TheFollowingProblemsWereEncountered=The following problems were encountered.
ToConfigureAuthenticationAndSessionHandlingForTheWebserviceAnnotateThePortTypeWithX=To configure authentication and session handling for the webservice, annotate the port type with '{0}'.
TooltipBindingFileNew=Click to create a new binding file
TooltipCleanupUnreferencedJarFiles=Removes phantom JAR files, that are not used by either webservice providers or consumers
TooltipEditBuildProperties=Click to configure properties to control the stub generation process
TooltipEditFilter=Click to configure a filter to optionally apply the handler chain to specific protocols, services and ports
TooltipHanderChainNew=Click to create a new JAX-WS handler chain
TooltipHandlerChainRemove=Click to remove this handler chain and all its associated handler registrations
TooltipHandlerNew=Click to create a new JAX-WS handler
TooltipNamespace=Specify the namespace associated with the prefix
TooltipNamespacePrefix=Specify the namespace prefix to be referenced in the pattern definition
TooltipProtocolBindings=Protocol names starts with '\#\#'. Multiple protocols can be specified by putting a space in between of the protocols, e.g. \#\#SOAP11_HTTP \#\#SOAP12_HTTP
TooltipRemoveBindingFile=Remove entry in build-jaxws.xml and delete file from disk
TooltipRemoveHandlerRegistration=Remove handler registration
TooltipRestriction=Restrict the handler chain to only apply to matching {0}. Thereby, the wildcard character '*' can be used in the pattern definition.
TypeAlreadyExsits=Type {0} already exists.
TypeDoesNotExistClickOnXToCreate=Type does not exist. Click on '{0}' to create it.
TypeMustBeAnnotatedWithXAnnotationInOrderToBeInstalledAsWebservice=Type must be annotated with @{0} annotation in order to be installed as webservice
TypeNameMustMatchRegex=Type name must match the regex {0}
URLCouldNotBeAccessed=URL could not be accessed.
UnknownPortConfiguredInAttributeX=Unknown port configured in attribute '{0}'.
UpperCaseHint=By convention, names usually start with an uppercase letter
UrlPattern=URL Pattern
UrlPatternJaxWsAliasMismatch=The URL pattern must start with '{0}' as this is the alias for JAX-WS servlet.\nThis can be changed by specifying another alias in JAX-WS servlet registration in plugin.xml.
UrlXshouldNotContainWhitespaces=The URL '{0}' should not contain whitespaces
UsageOfDefaultPackageDiscouraged=Usage of default package is discouraged
UsageOfDefaultPackageNotAllowed=Usage of default package is not allowed
UseExistingWsdlFile=Use existing WSDL file
ValueOptional=Value (optional)
WSDLFileAlreadyExists=WSDL file {0} already exists in {1}.\nBy continuing, it is overwritten.
WSDLFileXCouldNotBeFound=WSDL file '{0}' could not be found.
WarningClearingPackage=The specified package does already exist. The package will be cleared prior to stub generation.
WarningWsdlFolder=Discouraged folder. It should be '{0}' or a resultant sub-folder.\r\nOtherwise, webservice consumer specific WSDL files might interfere with provider specific WSDL files, e.g. if specifying same services or ports.
WebserviceConsumer=Webservice Consumer
WebserviceProperties=Webservice properties
WebserviceProvider=Webservice Provider
Webservices=Webservices (JAX-WS RI 2.1.6)
WizardDescriptionDeletePhanomStubJarFiles=The following phanom stub JAR-files were detected.\r\nPlease choose the phantom JAR's to be deleted.
WsBuildDirective=WS Build Directive
WsBuildDirectives=WS Build Directives
WsImplXMustImplementPortTypeInterface=The webservice implementation '{0}' must implement the webservice port type interface
WsStubGenerationFailed=Failed to generate webservice stub.\r\nPlease refer to console output for more information.
WsStubSuccessfullyGenerated=Webservice stub successfully generated.
WsdlCorrupt=WSDL {0} is corrupt.\r\nIf the WSDL file references other files such as XSD schema definitions, ensure those files to exist.
WsdlCouldNotBeParsed=The WSDL could not be parsed as it might be corrupt
WsdlFile=WSDL file
WsdlFolder=WSDL folder
WsdlLocation=WSDL location
WsdlName=WSDL Name
WsdlNewWizardPageDescription=Please choose whether to create the webservice based on a new or an existing WSDL file.
WsdlStyle=WSDL style
XMustBeOfTheTypeY={0} must be of the type {1}.
XMustBeSubtypeOfY=Type '{0}' must be a subtype of '{1}'
XMustNotBeEmpty={0} must not be empty
XWithYDoesAlreadyExist=The '{0}' with value '{1}' does already exist.
XdoesNotExistDueToInexistenceOrCorruptResource={0} could not be loaded as it might not exist or is not a valid XML resource
XisInheritedFromY={0} is inherited from {1}
XshouldStartWithY='{0}' should start with '{1}'
jaxWsAlias=Servlet Alias
jaxWsAliasMustNotEndWithSlash=Alias must not end with '/'
jaxWsAliasMustStartWithSlash=Alias must start with '/'
presenterRepair=Analyse and repair problems by using the
readOnlyBecauseBinaryFile=readonly because binary file
repairTools=repair tools