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<title>Defining the server preference</title>
<body id="twsrvprf_wst"><a name="twsrvprf_wst"><!-- --></a>
<h1 class="topictitle1">Defining the server preference</h1>
<div><p>Using the Preferences page, you can define
attribute used for testing projects by the servers.</p>
<div class="section">To define this preference, complete the following steps:</div>
<a name="twsrvprf_wst__steps"><!-- --></a><ol id="twsrvprf_wst__steps">
<li class="stepexpand" id="twsrvprf_wst__step1"><a name="twsrvprf_wst__step1"><!-- --></a><span>In the toolbar, select <span class="menucascade"><span class="uicontrol">Window</span>
&gt; <span class="uicontrol">Preferences</span></span>.</span></li>
<li class="stepexpand" id="twsrvprf_wst__step2"><a name="twsrvprf_wst__step2"><!-- --></a><span>In the Preferences page, select <span class="uicontrol">Server</span>.</span>
<li class="stepexpand"><span id="twsrvprf_wst__cmd3"><a name="twsrvprf_wst__cmd3"><!-- --></a>Select the <span class="uicontrol">Show Servers view when
server state changes</span> check box, if you want the Servers
view to display on the workbench when there are any activities in
the Servers view.</span> For more details about the server states
refer to the <a href="rwrcview.html">Servers View</a> topic.
<li class="stepexpand" id="twsrvprf_wst__step4"><a name="twsrvprf_wst__step4"><!-- --></a><span>Click <span class="uicontrol">Apply</span> and then
<span class="uicontrol">OK</span> to save your changes.</span></li>
<div><div class="reltasks"><strong>Related tasks</strong><br />
<div><a href="../topics/twpub.html" title="Publishing involves copying files (projects, resource files, and server configurations) to the correct location for the server to find and use them. In the test environments, these files may already be in the correct location. In some cases, temporary copies of the server configurations may be created. You can either publish your application automatically or manually.">Publishing your application</a></div>