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<title id="twsrtins_title">Starting a server</title>
<shortdesc id="twsrtins_shortdesc">When you are ready to test your
projects, you must start a server. In some situations, listed below,
the server tools start a server for you automatically. For more information
on which test server will start, refer to the list of related topics
at the end of this topic.</shortdesc>
<keywords id="index"><indexterm>applications<indexterm>starting servers
for testing</indexterm></indexterm><indexterm>projects<indexterm>starting
servers for testing</indexterm></indexterm><indexterm>servers<indexterm>starting
for testing</indexterm></indexterm></keywords>
<prereq><b id="twsrtins_prereq">Prerequisites:</b><ul>
<li id="twsrtins_prereq_li1"><xref href="twcrtins.dita">Create a server.</xref></li>
<context id="twrstins_context"><p>Once you have started the server
you can test the projects that are associated with the server. You
can stop and restart the server at any time. The status of the server
is displayed in the <uicontrol>Status</uicontrol> column of the Servers
view.</p><p>To manually start a server:</p></context>
<steps id="twrtins_steps">
<step><cmd>Switch to the Servers view.</cmd></step>
<step><cmd>In the Servers view, right-click the server you want to
<step><cmd>Select <uicontrol>Start</uicontrol>. </cmd><info>The following
events happen:<ul>
<li>If you have selected the <uicontrol>Automatically publish when
starting servers</uicontrol> check box on the Server preferences page
(<menucascade><uicontrol>Window</uicontrol><uicontrol> Preferences</uicontrol>
</menucascade> ), the workbench checks to see if your project and
files on the server are synchronized prior to starting the server.
If they are not, the project and the files are automatically updated
on the remote server when it is started.</li>
<li>A Console view opens in the workbench. It will take a minute to
start the server. If the server fails to start, check for the reason
that it failed in the Console.</li>
<li>In the Servers view, the status of the server changes to <systemoutput>Started</systemoutput>.</li>
</ul></info></step><?Pub Caret 34?>
<result id="twsrtins_result"><note type="tip">The server is automatically
started when you right-click on a file and then select <uicontrol>Run
As > Run on Server</uicontrol>.</note></result>
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