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<title>Stopping a server</title>
<body id="twstpins_wst"><a name="twstpins_wst"><!-- --></a>
<h1 class="topictitle1">Stopping a server</h1>
<div><p>You can stop the server from the
Servers view.</p>
<div class="section" id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_context"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_context"><!-- --></a>To stop the server:</div>
<li class="stepexpand" id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_step1"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_step1"><!-- --></a><span>In the Servers view ( <strong>Window &gt; Show
View &gt; Other &gt; Server &gt; Servers &gt; OK</strong>), select the server that
you want to stop.</span></li>
<li class="stepexpand"><span><span id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph1"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph1"><!-- --></a>Click the <span class="uicontrol">Stop
the server</span></span> <img src="../images/launch_stop.gif" alt="This is an image of the Stop icon." /> <span id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph2"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph2"><!-- --></a>icon in the toolbar.</span></span> <span id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph3"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph3"><!-- --></a> In the Servers view, the status of the server
changes to <em>Stopped</em>.</span></li>
<li class="stepexpand"><span><span id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph4"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph4"><!-- --></a>If for some reason the server
fails to stop, you can terminate the process as follows:</span></span>
<ol type="a">
<li id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_substep1"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_substep1"><!-- --></a><span>Switch to the Debug perspective.</span>
<li id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_substep2"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_substep2"><!-- --></a><span>In the Process view, select
the server process that you want to stop.</span></li>
<li><span><span id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph6"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph6"><!-- --></a>Click the <span class="uicontrol">Terminate</span></span> <img src="../images/launch_stop.gif"
alt="This is an image of the Terminate icon" /> <span id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph7"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_steps_ph7"><!-- --></a>icon in the toolbar.</span></span>
<div class="section" id="twstpins_wst__twstpins_result"><a name="twstpins_wst__twstpins_result"><!-- --></a><div class="note"><span class="notetitle">Note:</span> When terminating a server, the
server process will end and the server will not go through the normal
routine of stopping, for example calling the destroy() method on a
<div class="familylinks">
<div class="parentlink"><strong>Parent topic:</strong> <a href="../topics/twmanage.html" title="You can use the server tools views to manage servers. The following tasks may be included as part of the development path:">Managing servers</a></div>
<div class="reltasks"><strong>Related tasks</strong><br />
<div><a href="../topics/ttimeout.html" title="You can specify the length of time you can wait, before the workbench cancels the process to start or stop the server.">Setting timeout on the start or stop of the server</a></div>