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<title id="title">Creating a Tomcat server</title>
<shortdesc id="shortdesc">The server tools feature supports the Apache Tomcat
runtime environment, running locally. With Tomcat, you can only test Web projects
that contain servlets and JSPs. To set up a server to test projects on Apache
Tomcat, complete the following: </shortdesc>
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<prereq id="prereq"><b>Prerequisites</b><p><ul>
<li>Download Apache Tomcat from <xref format="html" href=""
<li>Extract the compressed file containing Apache Tomcat on your local file
<li>Add the Apache Tomcat runtimes. For details on how to do this, refer to
the <i>Add the Apache Tomcat runtimes</i> link on the bottom of this topic.</li>
</ul></p><p>To create a Apache Tomcat server:</p></prereq>
<steps id="steps">
<step><cmd>In the Servers view, right-click and select <uicontrol>New</uicontrol> > <uicontrol>Server</uicontrol>.
The Define a New Server wizard opens.</cmd></step>
<step><cmd>In the <uicontrol>Select the server type</uicontrol> list, select
the Tomcat server defined in the previous step.</cmd><info><note type="tip">If
you did not specify the Tomcat install directory, the Define a New Server
wizard will prompt you for this information.</note></info></step>
<step><cmd>Start the Tomcat server.</cmd><info>In the Servers view, right-click
the Tomcat server and select <uicontrol>Start</uicontrol>.</info></step>
<step><cmd>Test your setup of the Tomcat server.</cmd>
<substep><cmd>Open a Web browser.</cmd></substep>
<substep><cmd>Type the Web address <codeph>http://localhost:8080/</codeph>.
If you see the Apache Tomcat start page, you have successfully set up your
Tomcat server.</cmd></substep>
<related-links id="relatedlinks">
<link href="" scope="external"><linktext>WTP
Tomcat FAQ</linktext>
<desc>See this link for additional information about using the Apache Tomcat
server with the workbench.</desc>