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<task id="deactivateactivate" xml:lang="en-us">
<title id="title">Deactivate and activate server</title>
<shortdesc id="shortdesc">You can deactivate and activate your server
using the context menu in the servers view.</shortdesc>
<keywords id="index"><indexterm>servers<indexterm>debugging applications</indexterm
<context><p>You can deactivate servers that you do not currently use
on the Servers view in order to reduce memory consumption and network
traffic used by the tool. To deactivate your server:</p></context>
<step><cmd>In the Servers view, Right-click your server and select <uicontrol
>Deactivate server</uicontrol>.</cmd></step><?Pub Caret 77?>
<step><cmd>The status bar will indicate that the application is <uicontrol
>Deactivating server</uicontrol>. The state of the server is <uicontrol
<postreq><p>To activate an inactive server:</p><ol>
<li>In the Servers view, Right-click your server and select <uicontrol
>Activate server</uicontrol>.</li>
<?Pub *0000001296?>