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<task id="twdelins_wst" xml:lang="en-us">
<title id="title">Deleting a server</title>
<shortdesc id="shortdesc">You may delete a server from the Servers view.</shortdesc>
<keywords id="index"><indexterm>servers<indexterm>deleting</indexterm></indexterm>
<context id="context">To delete a server:</context>
<steps id="steps">
<step><cmd>In the Servers view, right-click on the server that you want to
<step><cmd>Select <b>Delete</b>. </cmd><info>The Delete Server dialog box
<step><cmd>The Delete Server dialog box opens and prompts different options
depending on the status of the server in the Servers view:</cmd>
<chrow><choption>Delete unused server configurations</choption><chdesc>If
server configuration files were created in the workspace under a server project,
this option becomes available. Select this check box to remove the server
configuration files from the workspace.</chdesc></chrow>
<chrow><choption>Delete running servers</choption><chdesc>This option specifies
to delete servers that are still running. </chdesc></chrow>
<chrow><choption>Stop servers before deleting</choption><chdesc>This option
is only available if the <b>Delete running servers</b> option is selected.
This option specifies to stop running servers prior to removing them from
the Servers view. If this option is cleared and the <b>Delete running servers</b> option
is selected, no stop command is issued against the server, and as a result
the server is left running after removing the server from the Servers view.</chdesc>
<step><cmd>Select the <uicontrol>OK</uicontrol> button to apply your delete
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