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errorJRE=Invalid JRE
errorNoServerType=No server type definition
errorMissingClasspathEntry=Missing classpath entry {0}
errorPortInUse=Server port In Use {0}-{1}
cancelNoPublish=Nothing to publish
moduleNotCompatible=Module type is not compatible
errorNoClasspath=No classpath is defined
errorRemoveModuleAntpublisher= Remove module failed using Ant publisher
errorPublishAntpublisher= Publish failed using Ant publisher
commandlineUnspecified=Executable commandline is unspecified
workingdirUnspecified=Working directory is unspecified or invalid
errorLaunchingExecutable=Error launching executable
missingServer=Server does not exist
debugPortUnspecified=Debugging port is unspecified
errorStartingExternalDebugging=Error launching remote debugging for external server, changing to non-debugging mode.\nPlease check the debug port setting and ensure that the specified 'start' executable launches the server with debugging enabled
invalidPath = {0} is not valid
runModeNotSupported= Selected VM does not support this mode