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<title>WTP API overview</title>
<abstract>The main server tools framework client API.</abstract>
<p>ServerCore is the main entry-point and provides access to most of the
remaining API. From here, you can get the existing server runtimes and
servers, get the available server types, and access interfaces for all
extension points.</p>
<p>ServerUtil provides utility and convenience methods for dealing with
server tools. It provides easy access to modules, server runtimes, and
what combinations are supported (e.g. which runtimes can be used to
target a particular project).</p>
<p>IRuntime and IServer are the two main API objects. IRuntime is used
to target projects to a particular server installation and compile/build
against them. When a runtime is targetted to a particular runtime,
all of the applicable IRuntimeTargetHandler extensions are called to
set the classpath or modify other project settings for the runtime.</p>
<p>IServer is the main server class that clients can use to start/stop
and publish to servers.</p>
<p>IModules provide the "content" that can be published to servers.
See the server tools API overview for more information.</p>