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Contributing to Skalli
Thanks for your interest in this project.
Project description:
Skalli's objective is to build an extensible portal for providing, collecting and accessing
information about projects run by an organization.
Large software companies and open source foundries like the Eclipse Foundation often struggle
with an ever growing amount of projects to keep an eye on. Developers, users and potential
contributors have a hard time finding information about projects, get access to development
resources like source code, available downloads and documentation, or just get in contact
with project members. Even worse, quite often development landscapes are heterogeneous with
a variety of tools and services that are not at all or only loosly integrated with each other.
In such a situation one needs a "spider" in the centre of the net that knows about the various
bits and pieces and links them together: Skalli.
Skalli does not aim at replacing existing tools like wikis, bug trackers or source code
management systems. Instead it merely links to existing tools and services in order to let
users know what a project is about and where its resources are located. Each project has a
landing page, where all the available information is presented - and the same information is
also accessible through REST to facilitate an ecosystem of additional, loosly coupled tools.
Skalli is highly extensible by leaveraging OSGi technology. Skalli's project model, user
interface and services can be amended easily and transparently. Clients and self services for
additional tools not supported out-of-the box by Skalli can be added as additional bundles.
Developer/Contributor Guide:
Detailed information regarding developing for and contributing to Skalli can be found in
our Eclipse Wiki.
Developer Resources:
Information regarding source code management, builds, coding standards, and more.
Contributor License Agreement:
Before your contribution can be accepted by the project, you need to create and electronically sign the Eclipse Foundation Contributor License Agreement (CLA).
Contact the project developers via the project's "dev" list.
Search for bugs:
This project uses Bugzilla to track ongoing development and issues.
Create a new bug:
Be sure to search for existing bugs before you create another one. Remember that contributions are always welcome!