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<title>WTP XML 3.0.5 Patches</title>
<h1>WTP XML 3.0.5 Patches</h1>
<p>Bug <a href=''>280483</a>. "A handler conflict occurred. This may disable some commands." warning on restart</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>285284</a>. Removing comment end tag and adding it back leaves validation errors</p>
<p>Bug <a href="">289464</a>. IExecutionDelegate should be using ISafeRunnable</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>290322</a>. [reconciling] DirtyRegionProcessor cancels and schedules a Job for every keystroke</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>292088</a>. DirtyRegionProcessor Job may not be canceled when the editor closes</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>299820</a>. [validation] NPE in DelegatingSourceValidator#validate</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>303554</a>. [validation] JSP Syntax Validators show error annotations even when the build based markers are turned off</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>308548</a>. XSD to XML generator can cause an out of memory error on certain types of documents</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>312307</a>. [validation] ValidatorStrategy triggering unwanted plug-in activation</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>319048</a>. Utility code may leak Image handles</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>320322</a>. [validation] JSP source validators running even when respective batch validators have been turned off</p>